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  1. Quote

    The Hotfix service is no longer available. Instead you can find your fix or patch by upgrading to the latest update available for your product.

    You can also obtain Microsoft drivers, software updates, and other support files by downloading them from the Microsoft Catalog, the Microsoft Download Center, or upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 10 contains the most up-to-date security and other features built right in.


  2. 23 hours ago, jaclaz said:
    On 1/22/2018 at 7:33 PM, Cawsign said:

    I know this is a microsoft themed forum but it seems strange to me that, if you're nerdy enough to have declared yourself "a fan of" an OS, that you would then stick to that OS and not then try to push the boat out a little.

    As a matter of fact the point is exactly that (with all due exceptions ;)) most people here are not "fans" of one Os or the other, they are (largely) "simple" users of it, more or less desperately trying to have the stupid thingy work as it should, in some cases (please read as "often") notwithstanding the efforts of the good MS guys to make Windows (you choose) either Android or an X-Box.

    Microsoft is in the name and has certainly been our historical strength...but I've always thought of our community as one of general hackers (tinkerers).  We want to make our OS do things we like even if the developer didn't intend for that.  There's certainly a place for us Linux types here :)

  3. Did the software detect the drives?  Often this sort of software needs to wait for Windows to properly ID the drives and load appropriate drivers first. 

    Don't break any enclosures open yet.  Disconnect both drives and reboot.  Just plug in one drive and wait for Windows to get it all ready for you.  Once you can access the drive via Windows, then try your software. 

    I've seen some instances where different types of USB ports are finicky for this sort of operation so you can try this procedure with different ports.

  4. Why do modern TVs with internal QAM tuners properly display channel data (ie, "4-1 WCBS" versus "74-76473 RANDOM LETTERS") while external stand-alone QAM tuners only display the other "74-76473 RANDOM LETTERS" data?  TVs seem to have some additional feature.

    I've seen this phenomenon several times in different settings.  The general environment is an unencrypted QAM signal for local TV broadcasts via FIOS TV or other provider. 

  5. Most of the discussion about Telemetry leading up to Win 10 is in other subforums so here is a post with some links for the Win 7 crowd.


    A single script that worked well for me.  It uninstalls the KBs, hides them, disables tasks and kills services.  It is not my script: https://github.com/WindowsLies/BlockWindows/blob/master/BlockWindows.bat


    A set of scripts, some of which I used successfully but are not mine: https://github.com/WindowsLies/BlockWindows


    Guide from the Win 10 subforum: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/172856-guideway-to-disable-keylogger-telemetry-v21/


    Relevant from the Win 8 subforum: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/173752-how-to-avoid-being-upgraded-to-win-10-against-your-will


    We do currently have a sticky that points to the Win 8 thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/173753-how-to-avoid-being-upgraded-to-win-10-against-your-will/








  6. Oh and I just saw that our old buddy Claus has been compiling some relevant resources:




    OK. I did warn you.

    Martin Brinkmann’s post provides links and overviews to (currently) six maybe-ready for primetime utilities that can help Windows 10 users manage and take (some) control of privacy in Windows 10.

    I highly recommend starting out there, and he has done a great job and a lot of work comparing the features and issues each of them present.

    I’ve built a list below using Martin Brinkmann’s initial Windows 10 privacy utility list and have further supplemented it with additional script-based and/or utilities I’ve found.

    1. Destroy Windows 10 Spying
    2. Disable Win Tracking
    3. DoNotSpy 10
    4. Windows 10 Privacy and s***
    5. Windows 10 Privacy Fixer
    6. W10 Privacy
    7. O&O Shut Up 10 - Note that this app provides the ability to set a system restore point before applying settings. That’s a feature that isn’t offered in many of these tools and can be challenging for some users to first do manually themselves. (review #1, review #2)
    8. Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows 10
    9. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB - Mother of all tweak scripts - App Scripts - reboot.pro
    10. Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10 - The Windows Club - this app contains a wide range of Windows 10 system tweaks, but specific to this post, includes a “Privacy” tab that addresses telemetry, biometric, advertising, search, Cortana, Windows Update sharing, feedback polls, password reveals, Steps Recorder, Inventory Collector and the Application Telemetry gathering. ghacks review
    11. WindowsLies/BlockWindows · GitHub or via Block Windows Spying Simple Script to Stop Spying - Windows batch (BAT) file script (and other stuff) to do a bunch of privacy settings and tweaks. What is nice about this approach is that you can review and modify/REM stuff you don’t want or need if you would like.


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