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  1. Was the inserted card properly formatted, with MBR and active partition? Maybe you didn't understand my question. It was preformatted with FAT32 but wasn't even visible in USB Disk Selection dropdown list. HP format utily saw it fine. After I formatted with it outside of WSFUSB, and run WSFUSB again it saw it.
  2. Hi, ilko_t & Co. Do you offically support booting from SD card readers? I had a Dell with multi-card reader and WSfromUSB saw all extra drives. At home I had just simple SDHC card reader (from Ledshoppe) and WSFUSB doesn even show it? BUT, hp format utility works fine, and MS DOS boots fine from it.
  3. I tried to reinstall from a usb key again today on the same machine (X61) works ok. Hopefully it was a random glitch
  4. Edit: Tried on another machine (first one was Lenovo X61, this one lenovo M57e) it seems to be working OK ============ Tried new version today Seems ok, but for some reason, windows doesn't boot from hard drive no errors, just blinking cursor, booting from usb using grub4dos and starting ntldr from _hard drive_ using boot.ini from hard drive works ok, installing same image from CD - OK. Fixmbr,fixboot from recovery console does not help. c.f. presetup.cmd I changed %systemdrive%\Program Files\ to %programfiles%\ seems working.
  5. I did, even command.com /? no such option. (even ss64.com doesn't mention it)
  6. Maybe offtopic, but what is the purpose of /R switch for cmd.exe?
  7. Does this project officially support Win PRO x64? For some reason ProgramFiles directories variables in winnt.sif were not preserved.
  8. Thanks, ilko_t hacked ntdetect.com fixed the problem How did you figure out what code to correct?
  9. Have been playing with WinSetupFromUSB for a while worked ok so far, even on laptop. But hit a snag today with Dell Optiplex 755 (ICH9) with all drivers integrated (same install for on Dell E6400,also intel chipset) I got a bSOD 0x7B only when boot from USB (when 32 bit setup starts) booting the same image from CD is OK. It seems setup considers USB drive a boot device but can't find a 32 bit driver for it? Edit: Also tested on external USB hard drive - same result.
  10. Sorry if this question was answered before I assume this utility can safely be used to install from usb hard drive (and a specific partition on it) ?
  11. Check with old offically supported version of Gparted and UBCD4Win 3.22, the menu.lst get messed up anyway. Does anybody know what 0x00030001 means (device attribute, removable?) It's not present in original registry key. HKLM,"SYSTEM\MountedDevices","\DosDevices\U:",0x00030001
  12. Just noticed in setuplog.txt. Tried two different sources of vanilla XP with SP3 integrated same result: is there any debug flags for setup programs to get more info? Other than these so far seems to look OK. Plus repeating errors like this
  13. I noticed in BIOS its detected as 'USB Flash drive 0.00' its seems like there is some id info for USB devices that designers had to write, something like SPD for DIMM, and maybe A-Data didn't bother, so bios doesn't know how to interpret it. Bot both ST and A-Data detected in Hard drive section of my BIOS setup (Foxconn A690GM2A) Yea, I had to create a second file, I totally forgot about 4GB limit of FAT32, and it puzzled me how come there is lots of space but I can't copy a file of even less size (I also wanted to put an image for acronis) THANK YOU for a tip, it makes all the difference in the world, FAT32 text mode copy stage took ~ one _hour_ in NTFS I just plugged a stick at the back of computer and before I set down on my chair, it was done, ~2 min total crazy! Also creating a filler file with fsutil with fat32 takes ~20 min, with NTFS - instant! seems like it doesn't write 0 on actual media. Interesting, putting setup file on disk takes about the same type. I assume text mode setup uses kernel drivers to copy files not BIOS and the same drivers are used when windows fully installed? But with NTFS you can't put anything else, is it limitation of grub4dos? BartPE should be able to understand NTFS? Maybe as fix partition USB stick and make second partition FAT32 (or ext3) and put linux tools there? Grub4dos probably can see it. root (hd0,1) Also I assume WinSetupFromUSB should not interfere with RyanVM update packs and Nlite fixes? (speedUp - reducing numbers of drivers loaded in text mode) Also just, noticed, there is a lot of free spaces (several big gaps) in txtsetup.sif in the end portion, it make loading slower. Just tested on 8Gb stick, txtsetup.sif [DiskSpaceRequirements] FreeSysPartDiskSpace = 7024 UpgradeFreeSysPartDiskSpace = 7024 doesn't help.
  14. Tried different flash drive today Before it was A-Data A-Data no luck Since it was slow today tried Supertalent 8GB Pico-C http://www.supertalent.com/products/stt_us...l.php?type=Pico and magic happened! It became U: despite all the laws of Microsoft. Irrelevant of presense of [unattended] section. The only problem is a bug in Windows of determining free space after WinSetupFromUSB is done, it shows ~7.3GB free, but max file size that can be created is ~5.5GB so windows setup tries to install on USB drive, fortunately it sees it's fat32 and stops to offer to convert it to NTFS where you can press 'ESC' and go go back to install partition selection. Thank you for your help, ilko_t, I'd never guessed that flash drive model plays a role.
  15. Did you put back unattended section? Does it include oempreinstall=yes? I tried both with oempreinstall=yes and no, and without unattended section at all. Does it actually work for anybody, so USB drive is not D:? As I undestand the installation simulates upgrade of existing Windows (migrate.inf) preserving old letter arrangement to avoid normal letter assignment?
  16. So I tried on two other computers (and BIOSes) HP ano Lenovo same result, usb stick is detected as D: how it is supposed to according to MS Article ID: 234048 : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/234048 === Scan all fixed hard disks as they are enumerated, assign drive letters starting with any active primary partitions (if there is one), otherwise, scan the first primary partition on each drive. Assign next available letter starting with C: ==== So usb drive is a second active primary partition and C is taken, so it gets next letter. Also tried to add gparted live gparted-live-0.4.1-2.iso and UBCD4Win 3.22 - result boot menu get screwed up, no menu.lst just ubcd4win.lst, no mention of XP install..
  17. I atteched the file, it uses '\ ' to break the lines. I use Far. Try deleting all partitions on the USB stick, use one whole partition and redo the preparation, this may matter. I used Acronis Director boot disk, but I assume when I ran HP format utility it makes a single partition anyway. migrate.inf
  18. I see \DosDevices\M: \DosDevices\N: having the same value I guess N is a remnant of second partition of USB stick (which is useless for Windows, so I removed it) Should I remove it.
  19. No, I didn't, I think it's removable already, there is an icon 'safely remove..' in a tray. I attached the log 2009/01/03 22:10:32- Found USB Physical Disk: USB 2.0 USB Flash Drive USB Device -- \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE2 2009/01/03 22:10:32- Found USB Disk Partition: Disk #2, Partition #0 2009/01/03 22:10:34- Found USB Logical Disk: M: File system: FAT32 Bootable: -1 (I had two partitions on it before, HP util made one FAT32) Disk management console in XP sees it as 'Removable' No. 20090104_005254_log.cab
  20. Thank you, ilko_t for quick reply Does it make a difference to try command line tool USB_MultiBoot.cmd? In d:\programs\WinSetupUSB Source was prepared by latest Nlite. I used 4GB A-Data USB stick, it's recognized as USB-HDD in BIOS, I Also used AHCI text-mode drivers for ATI SB600 (hard drive) migrate.inf form USB stick HKLM,"SYSTEM\MountedDevices","\DosDevices\U:",0x00030001,\ 5C,00,3F,00,3F,00,5C,00,53,00,54,00,4F,00,52,00,41,00,47,00,45,00,23,00,52,00,65,00,6D,00,6F,00,76,0 0,61,00,62,00,6C,00,65,00,4D,00,65,00,64,00,69,00,61,00,23,00,38,00,26,00,33,00,34,00,36,00,33,00,39 , 00,64,00,31,00,62,00,26,00,30,00,26,00,52,00,4D,00,23,00,7B,00,35,00,33,00,66,00,35,00,36,00,33,00,3 0 ,00,64,00,2D,00,62,00,36,00,62,00,66,00,2D,00,31,00,31,00,64,00,30,00,2D,00,39,00,34,00,66,00,32,00, 2 D,00,30,00,30,00,61,00,30,00,63,00,39,00,31,00,65,00,66,00,62,00,38,00,62,00,7D,00 fsutil.exe file createnew dummyfile.dum 1000000000 That's what I was thinking just didn't know what program can create given length files.
  21. Hi, First, thank you to all the people who contributed to this project, I was thinking about it long time ago and here it is! sorry I was searching all over this thread but could not find an answer for this problem, === - USB letter is fixed to U: in case of removable USB disk and U: is searched first among the drive letters to avoid at least some of the silly windows errors with empty card readers. ==== For some reason my USB stick sets itself as D: (which is normal according to MS KB since its active primary partition ) and shifting all other disk and I want to install set %programfiles% to second partiton on a hard drive, so I can't change letters later. Is there a way to assign it to U: or any other letter? Also I want to relocate Program files and it's in [unattended] section, what are the alternatives to change this? Can this registry edit be done in GUI portion? ================= Best regards, Sergo.
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