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  1. Hello, Several days ago, I found I cannot install any webcam or scanner to my unattended Windows XP SP3 although the devices had their own proper drivers. Then I check if the related services are in place. There were no WIM or WMI (i guess) service in my services.msc list. Can I reinstall the related services and files without making another unattended install? Thanks...
  2. If you had read my post (or the ones I linkted to), you'd see it was nuhi's own decision NOT to include them, as in, he willingly removed it. You might also have found some information about other ways to get it... thanks Crahak for the info. I'll find and read your post about nuhi's decision.
  3. I use 256kbps internet connection so downloading WAIK (more than 1gb) is almost dream of life. Nuhi, can you integrate the required files from WAIK into vLite? Thanks Nuhi, Id love to use vLite
  4. It seems you have removed Greek while you were making new install. If so, you have only way to make new install and reformat your pc with the new one. Check your nLite last session files at first!
  5. I have similar problem. nLite 1.3 RC removed Korean, Japanese and Chinese. My new windows, which was made by nLite 1.3 RC2 is great. Very fast and good, but.... ( I really need Korean IME to read and write. Also it seems nLite 1.3 RCx makes issue on printer support. All of my windows, made by nLite 1.3 RCx, are not able to install my printer driver. Now I haven't been using my printer since Chiristmas
  6. beregu

    nLite removed IMEs

    Hello, nLite 1.3 RC2 has removed IMEs, which includes Korean, Japanese and Chinese. I just wanted to remove chinese because I really don't need to read or write in chinese. So I selected chinese to be removed, but nLite 1.3 RC2 removed both Korean and Japanese with Chinese. Brothers, tell me how I can install Korean IME without reformatting my pc. Thank you in advance!
  7. Hello NiTRO... Have you tried doing the same on a PC which was "NOT stripped to the Bone." To me it appears that the fact your Windows is stripped might have something to do with your problem. I could be wrong tho. @ Beregu, is your version of windows stripped aswell? Do you use nLite or something similar? Kind regards, 'nuff <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks enuffsaid. I didn't know nLite can edit windows installation. I have edited orginal windows xp installation with nLite as you suggested. It works great. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I have the same problem. I need Mongolian keyboard with non-unicode support. Can anyone help us to solve this problem? I also need to support Korean, Japanese and Chinese keyboard because I and my sister need to write some letters to my foreign friends in their native language. Please help
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