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  1. SP2 install needed hacked files list

    The link to the hacked file pack does not seem to work anymore. Anyone know where I can find this now?
  2. list of 2003 hotfixes?

    Well I found the answer on my own. In case anyone else needs it: http://www.petri.co.il/windows_server_2003_gold_patches.htm
  3. Is there a list of all the hotfixes that have been released for 2003 server? Something similiar to the thead in the XP unattended installation discussion.
  4. Quick Launch Solution

    Still no ideas? It works if I pull the power plug instead of rebooting. It seems like that registry setting gets cleared when I reboot. I've been working on this for a month and can't get it to work, I'd appreciate any help.
  5. Quick Launch Solution

    Ok, I'm getting closer I think, I added this to my hotfixes.cmd file (don't have multiple cmd files, just this one): regedit /s c:\install\hotfixes\qlb.reg And that works, until I reboot. I can log off and onto another user and the quicklaunch bar is there, but rebooting clears it. Any ideas?
  6. Quick Launch Solution

    I'm just not having any luck with any method. Does anyone have a direct link to a reg or cmd file? I've tried both methods, neither seems to work, I think because of spacing problems. Importing to the registry tells me it's an invalid file, and I get bad command or syntax error trying to use the long binary string.
  7. New QuickLaunch Script

    This may be more for vbs scripts in general but I'm trying to figure out how to run the vbs from a cmd file. If I double click your script, it works fine. However if I execute it from my install.cmd file then it opens the taskbar and start menu properties and says 'q' is not recognized.
  8. Anyone have experience using Wincdman? http://berns.cae.wisc.edu/pages/wincdman.asp I used it for 2000 pretty well, now I'm trying to slipstream hotfixes into XP. I can get most hotfixes to work however several are hanging the pc after installation. These include q328310, kb329441, kb823559, kb824105. None of my hotfixes have a colored icon, just a generic windows application icon. How do I tell what hotfixes are 2nd generation and unable to be slipstreamed? Basically I guess I need to have an post-installation script to install these? Is Royalfix's script the best one to use? Any thoughts would be appreciated.