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  1. using nlite 1.2.1 i've added all post sp2 patches to a xp-sp2 tree added also internet explorer 7 some tweaks removed msn explorer, guided tour, msn messenger when i try to use driverpacks 6.10 on this directory tree, it crashes immediately after dir selection, with this output: AppName: dps_base.exe AppVer: ModName: unknown ModVer: Offset: 016b18d2 already filed a bug report... http://bugtracker.driverpacks.net/view.php?id=284 hints?
  2. hi. I just applied all the post-sp2 patches to an xp tree, removing some unuseful stuff for me, recompressing the cabs and drivers to their maximum, using for all of these the latest nlite (1.2rc). then, close nlite and launch dps_base to integrate all the driverpacks (all at latest version). when i've to chose my xp dir, click browse, click my xp-nlited folder, then dps_base crashes, with this details: i use italian xp, and dps crashes both in english and italian... hints to solve?
  3. how to return to config panel, AFTER having generated yawi.ini, in case something doesn't work as expected, without having to redo all the work?
  4. Italian langu.ini for version 3: Installa le applicazioni selezionate WAYI - Installazione Software Seleziona tutto Deseleziona tutto Impostazioni globali Schemi di installazione Applicazioni in questo schema Elenco schemi Applicazioni Dettagli comando Elenco comandi applicazioni Elenco applicazioni Timer Nessun timer Debug Avvia applicazioni in parallelo Suona all'avvio Suono WAV Seleziona... Descrizione Aggiungi app Rimuovi Aggiungi Modifica Rimuovi Aggiungi progr Modifica Rimuovi Aggiungi applicazione SALVA Modifica Rimuovi ID Gruppo Default: Selezionata Descrizione Programma Parametri Percorso assoluto Comando di sistema Pannello di configurazione Messaggio : Impossibile modificare ID Messaggio : ID non può essere vuoto Messaggio : ID già usato Messaggio : Seleziona un comando per questa applicazione Messaggio : Il file WAV deve essere nella directory di YAWI
  5. ehm, my fault... i have UnixUtils installed ( http://unxutils.sourceforge.net ), because i use linux too, and i like to have my commands and scripts also in windows... the right commands for a pure windows command shell are those in the Yzöwl post, the last two... sorry :-( BTW, install UnixUtils, they are great and useful :-)
  6. rm "%USERPROFILE%"\Desktop\LINKNAME.lnk rm "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%"\Desktop\LINKNAME.lnk for single user and all users, respectively
  7. i hope this is a fake serial, and not really yours...
  8. your program is EASY (follows the KISS principle - Keep It Simple, Stupid! - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KISS_Principle ), and your ini file is short but complete. IMHO, the last version in only bloated and redundant... and stay away from XML, please... my 2cent...
  9. if you put a @ in front of every line, you'll get only the output of that command, without seeing the command itself. Example: @echo... @start...
  10. what's wrong?? instead of calling the bat, call the line in it, something like: ECHO. ECHO [K-lite codec pack] ECHO wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\klmcodec149.exe /verysilent /LoadInf=".\klmcp.ini" /MERGETASKS="!ff_audio\aac\realaac,ff_audio\aac\libfaad2,speaker\stereo" ECHO fatto!
  11. Italian langu.ini Installa i componenti selezionati YAWI - Scegli i componenti da installare Seleziona tutto Deseleziona tutto
  12. Thanks for the answer, but the question was "why a COMPILED au3 hangs at the end, not pressing the Finish button, while the same AS SCRIPT pushes it"... The use of ccleaner was only an example, in particular i was simply applying the guide to the first install-exe found and useful... and it hangs at the end... Anyway, thanks for your script OnAutoItStart, i'll use it :-) p.s.: applying the same guide to the new yahoo-less ccleaner (ccsetup127_basic.exe): all works perfectly... bah!
  13. thanks for this great and clear guide! I downloaded crapcleaner 1.27 (http://www.ccleaner.com), updated just today, and i want to use autoit to get rid of the omnipresent yahoo toolbar bundled with it, and to set 2 more options in the standard setup. Following your guide and using the editor (to add the $SF_1 section), i get this autoit script (i use italian as default install language): Opt("WinWaitDelay",100) Opt("WinTitleMatchMode",4) Opt("WinDetectHiddenText",1) Opt("MouseCoordMode",0) $SF_1 = "ccsetup127.exe" If WinExists ( $SF_1 ) Then Exit AutoItWinSetTitle ( $SF_1) Run('ccsetup127.exe') WinWait("Installer Language","Please select a lang") If Not WinActive("Installer Language","Please select a lang") Then WinActivate("Installer Language","Please select a lang") WinWaitActive("Installer Language","Please select a lang") Send("{TAB}{ENTER}") WinWait("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27","Benvenuti nel progra") If Not WinActive("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27","Benvenuti nel progra") Then WinActivate("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27","Benvenuti nel progra") WinWaitActive("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27","Benvenuti nel progra") Send("{ENTER}") WinWait("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27 ","Prego leggere le con") If Not WinActive("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27 ","Prego leggere le con") Then WinActivate("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27 ","Prego leggere le con") WinWaitActive("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27 ","Prego leggere le con") Send("{TAB}{TAB}{ENTER}") WinWait("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27 ","Scelta della cartell") If Not WinActive("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27 ","Scelta della cartell") Then WinActivate("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27 ","Scelta della cartell") WinWaitActive("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27 ","Scelta della cartell") Send("{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{ENTER}") WinWait("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27","Opzioni di Installaz") If Not WinActive("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27","Opzioni di Installaz") Then WinActivate("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27","Opzioni di Installaz") WinWaitActive("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27","Opzioni di Installaz") Send("{DOWN}{DOWN}{SPACE}{DOWN}{DOWN}{SPACE}{TAB}{SPACE}{TAB}{TAB}{ENTER}") WinWait("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27 ","Completamento dell'i") If Not WinActive("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27 ","Completamento dell'i") Then WinActivate("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27 ","Completamento dell'i") WinWaitActive("Installazione di CCleaner v1.27 ","Completamento dell'i") Send("{ALTDOWN}f{ALTUP}") After saving, using it from right click works perfectly, but when i compile it to exe, ccleaner setup remains on the last screen, waiting that someone press Finish... i tried with different keys (space, enter, alt-f, alt-f4, f), but no way: rclick-exec script works, but compiled exe remains on last screen... any help?

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