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  1. have a new error with my freshly installed uA.. it happens with DIFFERENT program installs. so i think there's something wrong with installshield or the other installer. i get this and it doesn't go away: invalid floating point operation click ok thoughts?
  2. can't get rid of context menu items

    ah yes...there it is. and yes, i used ryansvm pack. if i delete that reg entry do i still need to go to the sys32 folder to do something? and if so, what do i need to do? thanks all -edit- it's still there on some folders... shared docs and others.
  3. Hi everyone, no luck with the forum search or google search. For what it's worth I have posted a topic in activision tech support for this as well. But I do not think they will be able to help me, because I think this is an Unattended XP CD problem. I am using the SAME drivers for: video card (radeon 9000) sound card (audigy 2 zs) monitor (samsung 997df) directX 9.0c that I was using on my prior windows installation (when quake worked) I have tried: updating to ati's latest drivers (those drivers will NOT work at all, I can't use them) re-installing quake 3 several times tried the glsetup app on the disc (but i have opengl already with my original radeon drivers) tried using different monitor refresh rates: 60hz, 70hz, and 75hz tried using different resolutions tried the 9x/Me compatibility mode deleting the q3config.cfg file (so that it will be recreated automatically) I have: no idea The Problem: When I try to execute (launch, open) quake. (quake.exe) The monitor flickers off, then on with a different resolution, then off again and back to windows. There is NO error message. Unfortunately, when transfering files from one hdd to another... One directory's contents did not copy completely. In fact, barely at all. That directory was ALL the work I spent on making my uA XP cd for the last 2 weeks. I lost alot of work. So, I only have what's on the final cd I burned. I will attach what I can think of that might be significant. Inside attached rar file: winnt.sif, registry_tweaks.reg, Last Session.ini thank you dewey deweydesigns.com ---edit---- it's working now. for some reason i had to run the game in exactly 800x600 once. which i never had to do beore. then i had to COMPLETELY uninstall my old drivers in order to get the new drivers to work. i'm speaking of the new ati driver for my graphics card.
  4. can't get rid of context menu items

    Thank you, but no they are not there either. Also, is there not a simpler way of removing 'print'? Because there are, of course, an eternity of file formats out there. And to have to remove it from a files options manually everytime my pc encounters a new file is not good. so...stilll have the copy/move to problem. i searched the entire registry for both and couldn't find it....
  5. Yes, i searched the forums. Yes, i examined the registry tweaks pinned post. problem is, i'm showing copy to and move to in my context menu for files and folders. however, it's not anywhere in the registry. they are not here: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers] i want to get rid of them, cuz i never use them and it's annoying. would also like to get rid of 'print' from the context menu... thanks all
  6. need to get rid of: copy to move to disconnect network drive show on desktop manage if this is already posted somewhere i'm sry.. i didn't find it in any of the registry tweaks i saw. thx i need to do this during the ua of course. like a reg tweak or something else.
  7. No to All?

    that's good to know.. ty i still would like to add an actual permanent button for this tho.. anyone know?
  8. i realize this isnt' a reg tweak but it still pertains to the topic so chill...lol i deleted my windows/media folder completely during install... to get rid of ALL the annyoing sounds. just an idea.
  9. No to All?

    this is meant for unattended install integration. Is there anyway we can add a "No to All" button on the window that pops up when your copying/moving files etc... ? the window only has, yes, no , yes to all, cancel also sometimes when copying files i get this lame msg about this file has data saved that will be lost: :KAVICHS:$DATA what's up with that and is there any way we can make it when we click yes to all for that ( :KAVICHS:$DATA ) msg it will really mean yes to that msg for EVERY file type and not just the file type that had that msg at the time. because... i get that msg alot and i click yes to all.. and i keep getting it for different files.. would like to b able to just say yes bit@#$ and it does it's thing... lol thanks
  10. [Hal 9000] The rar file (2.4mb) comes with each 4 slight variations as fully built winnntbbu.dll's with corresponding screenshot. The progress animation turned out Great! You should all load one of them up in WinntbbuED and view the preview so you can see it. Thanks to WinntbbuED 0.3.1 for providing a tool i could use. Well hope you all like this Hal version. Comments make it all worthwhile! [Download]
  11. progress bar not shown

    i'm having the same problem. i'm using the latest version. i have already packed in my new winnntbb file with nlite. using vmware to run the iso. its installing. screens look good, except progress bar is missing. edit ok the progress bar showed up once the time remaining got past 39 minutes which took about an hour with VMware. perhaps that is his problem also.