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  1. I just love this thread U do learn a lot from here about WinXP and how useless it is, still coming out with updates and fixes BUT we are not talking about XP. So why continue to use win98??? (my 3rd post on this thread) 1. A lot of programs works really fine on win98 like ms office 97 (Oh! I mention FOXIT as a PDF really and it works very well but then some say adobe lite, Why????) We don't need the feature. When I mean to be a PDF Reader it meant just a reader, we don't need PhotoImpact or PhotoShop to view a pics. 2. Do we really need so much features in our programs??? Win98 have most of the programs we need for our daily uses of course not to mention professional ones. What I mean here is That we do our spreadsheets, database and word processing MS Office 87 is enough. Do we reallly use all the feature it have and how many percents of MS Office 2003 do we really use. What we get carried away is New programs R better and have more functions and features BUT really do we really need them? If needed, think of writing Functions & VB. 3. I really change to WinXP (And a new computer to go with it) for only one thing. Games, Actually Gamer/Games m/c are the real power user. U dun need a 128MB Graphic Card for any apps(except Video and Graphics) But for games, it different. A turn base game like Civ4 need 512 Ram to run properly and it not even real time strategy or arcade game but looking back to the old computer which i give to my childern, they r so happy playing AOE, Dune, C&C in WIn98 really envy me.lol Sorry, I not good at expressing my thought. What I think I want to say if if win98 can do so much, Why change it??? WinXP stable??? My foot!!! Just find out one of my prog which works umteen time in win98se now give gibberish in winXP
  2. I have been using both OS for sometime now but some comments/replies are correct But for someone to even suggest using winxp on 200MHz with 128MB seem far stretch. Yeah we know if u take away the services/updates/prefetch i.e strip it to barebone it can work but what the use??? u are not going to use them bare.... try installing adobe, ms office, directx, some codecs, media player and after a few weeks u get a lot of registry problem and it slow down to the point of frustration To me win98 seems to handle better. Oh by the way dun use adobe, foxit is better and no memory hog Another things is that i really have forgotten how many times i have reinstall winXp already. But I dun need to reinstall win98SE that much. I only reinstall it only after 6 months when my programs files clogged And about the ease of reinstalling the Win98SE i guess it much faster and easy with a DVD as stated in my earlier reply. Crashs??? Yup it seems that win98se crash more often than winXP but the problems seems easier to solve than winXP WinXP just give u an error message and I just dun know how to solve it. Want an example?? ok here is one, I just wonder how many know how to solve it (of course someone understand the error but how many?) it quite common really The instruction at "0x008b3b9e" referenced memory at "0x02aa2288", The memory could not be "read" Click OK to terminate the program ok have to go, will continue in another day
  3. ok, I really Haven't read all replies in this thread so my following reasons is as follows: 1. Small, Compact, Easy to backup esp to DVD 2. I like to play old games (Some which don't work in WinXP) esp DOS A lot of games flies in win98 and another things is that old Japs. & Chin games won't work at all in winXP or a too fast processor but in win98 it do have programs to emulate or slow down the cpu Actually for me these few reasons are more than enough play around in win98 esp the first one where u install all your drivers and progs and whatever u need then image your drive to dvd and withins minutes u can reinstall and play I just love what Petr Quote "Please also keep in mind that people just have personal preferences and most discsussions like "What is better - ATI or Nvidia? AMD or Intel? Western or Seagate? Gigabyte or Asus? Firefox or Opera? Windows or Mac or Linux? Mercedes or BMW?" are mixed with 1% of technical things and 99% of personal opinion" For me the most important things is easily maintenance i.e if things goes wrong u can have it back in less than have an hour Just imagine if winxp can do what DOS os do, i.e if all programs can start from its own directory(Now call folder) I always love that strategy. just copy the directory over to your friend hard disk and it will work Now we have to deal with reg. problem, dll files and what nots they don't mind putting into If u dun like wat i am saying then remember "Petr Quote"
  4. Hi, How to you repackaged exe to msi? What progs should I use?

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