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  1. Looks like it worked to me, the symbols in C:\AeroGlass\symbols should have been because of that script you ran. You can double check by renaming C:\AeroGlass\symbols to C:\AeroGlass\symbols2 or something, and rerunning the script, and if the symbols folder appears with the subfolders and files inside, then it works. Or you can just relax and enjoy AeroGlass until the next update and hope it works then.
  2. Ah right, then it should work really.. next time you can try run a command window, so Start > Run > cmd. Then wherever you place the symbols.cmd file, just go there and run it, for example: cd C:\AeroGlass symbols.cmd Then you can potentially see why it didn't work.
  3. Weird. Did you delete or rename your old symbols folder, if there was one? Do either of these files exist for you: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x64\symchk.exe C:\Program Files\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x86\symchk.exe If so, maybe next time you can try running UCyborg's cmd file with administrator privileges (Right click > Run as administrator). Anyway, good to hear it's working.
  4. Not used to mega.nz, didn't realise decryption keys are always required. Anyway, modified the download link to include the key. Why aren't the instructions working for you though? What part is the issue?
  5. Surprised there's no clear post stickied regarding downloading symbols. Just updated and AeroGlass failed in its symbol update, so had to do it manually. Huge thanks to MDJ and UCyborg for their posts, I'm basically just reposting what they posted. MDJ's Symbol Download Instructions UCyborg's Symbols Command Line Based on what they posted, this is what worked for me: Download Windows 10 SDK (here) Install it, and select "Debugging Tools for Windows" only In your AeroGlass folder (C:\AeroGlass for me), delete or rename your symbols folder Download UCyborg's command line script and run it That should work all the time. Anyway, I've also included a link below to the latest symbols, just copy that folder into your AeroGlass folder and restart, and it should work. Symbols as of 15/02/2018: Download Link
  6. XPize 4.0 MCE RC

    oh, are there any individual packages rather than having to install 3.2, copy the vs, then uninstall and install 4.0? oh yeah, it doesn't work too well in 120dpi as well (tried when using the beta).
  7. XPize 4.0 MCE RC

    hi, about the VS's available in the RC, is there no lite version anymore, like a smaller start menu button and down-sized start menu (like icons without text on the right side of the menu)? i always used and loved that. just wondering if it's still there. i saw removed vs royale lite, but was hoping there's still something similar in the new rc pack. thanks!