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  1. Davs

    MS Update

    I got it! A chose XP Home SP2, and no XP SP2! Ok, thank's, I'll download them! But I don't know, that what's the ryanvm pack?
  2. Davs

    MS Update

    What's the ryanvm pack?
  3. Davs

    MS Update

    Ok! Thank's And what is in c:\WINDOWS\$hf_mig$\ ? http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/catalog/en/default.asp I found here only updates for .Net Framework, and IE6! There are no updates! Only .Net SP-s, and IE6 fixes!
  4. Davs

    MS Update

    Hy! I have a XP SP2 Home. But I have dial-up modem (56kbps). So download the updates is to me very hard. I won't to save the updates to a Cd. And my question: where are (in XP) the downloaded updates? In witch directory?
  5. Hy! How could I make an Boot DVD with Sysrecsue CD, UBCD, Hiren's Boot CD 7? Please help me! Davs I have readen soon a tutorial of flyakite, but he wrote here about windows ! But I don't want to put into my boot DVD any OS!

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