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  1. Windows 2000 Revolutions Pack

    I have that same problem with the 'Places Bar' - but only when opening or saving files from within Mozilla Firefox, and not from within any other app. Maybe that's why Targaff couldn't reproduce the problem - it appears only from within certain applications?
  2. Windows 2000 Revolutions Pack

    In the case of shortcut arrows all you had to do was use a 32-bit arrow and problem solved. Not so in this case. I tried replacing the background icon with the original 16-colour 2k icon and that didn't work either. In this case the background icon became transparent as well. So how is XP implementing this - since in the example I provided 'keynote.exe' only had a 32x32 16-colour icon. Does XP convert the lower bit-depth icon into a 32-bit image before combining it with the background icon? Hope this counts as inspiration/specific idea
  3. Windows 2000 Revolutions Pack

    If I try to associate a file-type with an application by right clicking on a document, selecting 'Open With...', select a program, check 'Always use this program to open these files' and click 'OK' - the document's icon is screwed up. Look at the file called 'sample' below. The second image is the 'Properties' dialog for a similar file. It is as if a small transparent image has been placed on top of the icon. The third image - same procedure when done in XP. Any idea why this is happening?
  4. Windows 2000 Revolutions Pack

    I changed only the value "Toolbar size: (20->24) S: 6A1458A3 R: 6A1858A3" and it worked. There's just the minute issue with the disabled toolbar buttons but Dave.Net has already pointed that out. Thanks a lot!
  5. Windows 2000 Revolutions Pack

    Thanks I'll try it.
  6. Windows 2000 Revolutions Pack

    I use GIMP. It says "Display Type: RGB Color", "Visual class: True Color", and "Visual depth: 32" for both images. And if I move the cursor to the white background, it shows "Red: 255", "Blue: 255", "Green: 255" and "Alpha: 255" in both images. Or is GIMP incapable of detecting the alpha value in bitmaps? I don't know much about graphics editing, so if you're "looking for a way to provide 32-bit icons with 24x24 size into Explorer toolbar", I'll just wait for you to implement it; since it's obviously going to be better than anything I can cook up. If you can point out any place where I might have got it wrong, I'll try again. If it's easily possible to use 24x24 icons by patching files, can you please tell me how? I'll settle for the manual method till you figure out how to automate the process.
  7. Windows 2000 Revolutions Pack

    Tihiy, the shell icons work fine. But what about explorer toolbar icons? I have the 32-bit toolbar bitmaps from Vista (Browseui.dll - bitmap#265, 266, 276, 277) but they're oversized ie. 384x24 instead of 320x20 and 1128x24 instead of 940x20. If I apply them directly the white areas become transparent (which must mean that the toolbar supports 32-bit bitmaps), but the icons are all misaligned because of the size discrepancy. If I resize the bitmaps, the icons are aligned properly but the white areas show up around the icons. Since both original and resized images are 32-bit bitmaps I fail to see why they behave differently. Do you have any idea why this happens and/or any workarounds? Since your screenshot doesn't show toolbar icons I don't know if you have modified your toolbar or intend to. I'm using RPL2K 1.2 BTW.
  8. O.K I've fixed the "Dialog Box" problem (No actually YOU did). The problem WAS with Commdlg.dll, like you said. I'm not sure why it didn't work when I replaced it before, maybe because I only replaced the dll in \System folder and not in \Sysbckup folder. Anyway, it's fixed now. Thank you.
  9. These 2 registry entries which must be listed exactly like this: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem] "Win31FileSystem"=hex:00 "PreserveLongNames"=hex:ff,ff,ff,ff The first String(Win31FileSystem) was O.K. The second entry didn't exist. So I created a reg file containing the code and tried to merge it. But the registry wasn't being updated. I had to manually create the second entry and set its value. Something definitely is funky. I'm gonna start over again in a couple of days and this time I'm going to check everything thoroughly before and after every tweak/update.
  10. Replacing commdlg.dll didn't fix the problem. Comdlg32.dll in the System folder is the same as the one in the Win98SE CD. So I suppose it's not a problem with either of those files.
  11. I noticed the following issue with 98SE2ME. When I try to update the driver for a device from Device Manager, by specifying the location of the new drivers, the "Find file" dialog box that appears shows only 8.3 file names. First time I noticed it I had already installed SP2, IE6 SP1, 98SE2ME, DirectX9, and Rev Pack, so I didn't know what was causing it. I reinstalled Win98SE and then I installed the following in order: 98SE SP 2.0.1, nForce2 drivers for A7N8X-X Mobo, ATI Catalyst 4.3 for Radeon 8500, IE6 SP1, 98SE2ME (Options 6 & 2 only). And this I time I tried to reproduce the bug after installing each update. It only happened after installing 98SE2ME. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal but I have customized a few folders to show different icon and a tooltip, and those directories don't show up in this dialog box. Which files do I need to restore to get the old dialog box? Here's the screenshot