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  1. XP Asking for Username and Password

    hmm strange problem I must say, becuase this kind of problem happens if something is wrong in config from server site i.e. remote machine I was facing them same kind of problem some time back but then I just deleted that share from network drive and added it again and stored user and pass again so it worked (but I guess u have already tried it and didnt work for u) I will look around for solution and reply if I find anything Regards Deep
  2. XP Asking for Username and Password

    okay last try... in the server where htdocs is stored.. check properties of that folder.. and then check tab sharing and then clickon permissions button and see if guest is allowed or not... and if you have simple file sharing unchecked (tools - folder options - views - [last option]) then check in security tab also... if not allowed then add it... that should do the job... Deep
  3. XP Asking for Username and Password

    hmmm do you have the guest user enabled on the server you are trying to access?
  4. Microsoft Outlook Folders

    Interesting. I backed up my information, but when I try restoring that same folder in that location, the folder's empty. Should there be something there if archiving wasn't on? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Outlook.pst should be there even if archive is disabled because that is the default file to save the mails and folders...I think archive file might be Backup.pst but I am not very much sure about the name.... Actually mail settings are stored in the registry and it is not possible to backup the settings using outlook... so if you want to take backup of mail settings using registry then here is the way: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\OMI Account Manager HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook\ so just copy these both things and then run it at the time of restoring it should do the job... Deep
  5. Hi, No rackspace is also same They charge 150$ per hour to install anything... We had to pay around 200$ just to install latest version of PHP and MYSQL (I do not manage / touch office server) Deep
  6. @ XPerties, Servermatrix and Theplanet both provide support on the servers, yes I agree that they wont install any software for you at free (unless you buy thier gold or higher support package...which has some free support hours every month) but if something is not working in the system or you need some help then they definitely helps you... If the software installatin is needed then I think they charge $75 per hour or something (I am not sure about the exact rate) Regards Deep
  7. Microsoft Outlook Folders

    The default path is: C:\Documents and Settings\(User_Name)\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst So you can find the file there.. Regards Deep
  8. Microsoft Outlook Folders

    as far as i know outlook doesnt store emails folders in diff. files, they all are stored under one .pst file of root folder i.e. personal folders. So to findout path of the same...just right click on it (Personal Folders), select properties click on button "Advanced" The path is provided in option Filename Regards Deep
  9. Actually there are many companies around... The best ones according to me are Theplanet servers their sites are http://www.theplanet.com - high end servers http://www.servermatrix.com - medium range servers (I have 2 servers with them....pretty good service) http://www.ev1servers.net - We had one server there but then switched to the planet, because I didnt like the support much (was not as quick as theplanet guys) + the servers was not that much good (we had p4 machine with 1 IP) http://www.rackspace.com - The company I used to work for have server with them, to be frank they are way too costly...we pay around $650 a month for AMD machine with 150 gig of bandwidh a month and one hardware firewall...so you can imagine how much costly it is compared to other sites There are other sites also like www.verio.com www.pair.com www.serverbeach.com But I have not tried them so I wont be able to comment on their service... Deep
  10. Hey sup...

    Hey, Whats up guys... This is, Deep, from India... I had been to this website few times before also, specially for unattended xp cd tutorial...it is just great....I used to come here when this site was new (when sites like Tech-Critic, Iexbeta, BetaResource were doing really cool) Regards, Deep