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  1. Windows Live Messenger 9

    It seems that you are running XP and you disabled the old messenger that came with XP before installing the new versions. Some user reported that in this thread, or was it by mail? I'm not sure, but you can look. Anyway, if i remember correctly you can disable the old messenger, but you need to install the new versions first in order to avoid that question about messenger.msi everytime you open it. The tool from benner does not do anything special in this regard, so if you use it you will face the same problem. Please report back if you solved this. I found that this happens only if yo have an old version of MSN installed and than removed like you said. With a clean system no errors.
  2. Windows Live Messenger 9

    Thanks. I will try that.
  3. Windows Live Messenger 9

    Hi I have done verything according to your tutorial on a computer where the old version was removed. But everytime i start msn a dialog pops up asking for messenger.msi. Clicking cancel closes popup and then msn opens. How can i remove that popup ? The version i have tried is turkish and final 2009.
  4. AVG detects exeinfope.exe as trojan.
  5. I think the only way left for us is to leave seagate forever after these stupid firmware and support issues.
  6. Crap over crap. I have tried several serial numbers. Nothing displayed after i clicked check button. These drives are my last seagate drives
  7. Please add Turkey to this map. I know about 20 failures mostly 500gb and 1000gb products. I have 3 of them and they are always making clicking noise. That means they will fail too.
  8. I have 5 of them. They are almost full. I dont know what to do. I cannot backup 4.5TB of data. I am really mad that i may spend all may savings for WD 1TB disks.
  9. There are lots of people waiting for a solution. I hope we have an easy solution for this trouble. And i am very sorry that i have switched from wd to seagate. This shouldnt be happenned.