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  1. Trojan or Just Outlook being weird?

    I am afraid that I can't help you with your real query but have you checked out SpamMotel (a one-way, free, E-mail redirection service at <www.spammotel.com>? I have used it for years and have found it not only most helpfull when offering up an E-mail address at something like a site or forum but have not had any problems with it passing on my real E-mail address to spammers.
  2. Word as Outlook editor

    I seem to have the same problem with my Outlook 2000 / Word 2000 integration as the original poster. It had been working just fine and then, a few weeks ago, I found that I could no longer open my Word v9.0.6926 SP-3 from my Outlook with the same version number. At the same time, when I ran SCANREG.EXE /FIX from a boot-to-DOS, it told me that something was wrong with my system files and refused to carry on "fixing" the registry. What has me really confused is that SFC.EXE (System File Checker), which I use often (on my Win98SE system) and have it scan far more folders, including the Office 2000 folder, than it is set for by default, did not indicate at the same time, that any of my system files had become corrupted or removed. Can anyone please offer the two of us some help with this problem; perhaps the name of the driver(s) that might be at fault?