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  1. maybeme - The ' MEDION TV-TUNER 7134 MK2/3' listed on the supported hardware list is that Philips driver that you linked to. It is already included in this release and supported. [Currently working on adding more tv tuner hardware support... may be a while] - Just added 7 Pinnicle tv tuner drivers .. not available online / updating supported hardware list. To do list: Download drivers: http://www.pro-nets.com/eng/product.php?cid=109 http://www.wayjet.com.tw/Download.htm Add those drivers to hardware list.
  2. The top DSL Broadband and phone company (IMO anyways) would be Verizon. The reason for it is that Verizon is literally rolling out fiber-optics to peoples houses in New York (various parts), Texas and other states. (In addition to offering telephone service, tv service they offer 30 Meg /5 Meg for $200 or 15/2 for $45 US Dollars.)
  3. There is a newer TV / PVR Driverpack available that has support for more hardware. It can be downloaded from here: http://rapidshare.de/files/7104880/DriverP...VR_V101.7z.html The driverpack is roughly about 7 - 8 Megs. The supported hardware list is attached to this post. TV_Tuner_Cards.htm ATI Technologies ATI TV Wonder Pro ATI TV Wonder, USB Edition ATI USB Live! Pro ATI TV WONDER USB2.0 TV Tuner ATI HDTV Wonder AVERMEDIA AVerMedia M150 H/W MPEG Card AVerMedia, AVerTV (E500) AVerDVD EZMaker AVerMedia WDM TVTuner AVerMedia AVerTV M113 AVerMedia UltraTV AVerMedia AVerTV Drivers (88x Seri
  4. It looks like Nvidia updated their ForceWare Graphics drivers to version 81.85. Link: http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_81.85.html
  5. It seems I've found a work around that will get around this problem. Unfortunately, it involves removing SATA/RAID support from Windows 2k Setup. - How To Work Around this problem- Extract the TXTSETUP.SIF file from the .iso file with BTS driverpacks integrated. (Or folder with Windows 2K in it.) Then open TXTSETUP.SIF using Microsoft Notepad, then click on "Edit" menu, select find. For the search, type [sCSI.LOAD] and click find. Notepad will find the section now the editing can begin. Remove all of the entries listed under the [sCSI.LOAD] section except for ATAPI.SYS. Otherwise Windows
  6. I just re-integrated SP4 into Windows 2k and integrated mraid35x & 3wareDrv100.sys drivers.Also loaded Windows 2K setup fine w/o any errors. {No missing drivers, .sys files etc.} Did not reintegrate DriverPacks onto Win 2K setup.
  7. Hi all. I integrated the DriverPacks using the slipstream tool into Windows 2000 Pro. and am getting a few error messages when running setup. [used method 2] [Only used nLite to integrate SP4 into Windows 2000 setup. No drivers.] Message 1: During setup it says that "Mraid35x.sys" is corrupt. (Fixed that by adding the uncompressed "Mraid35x.sys" to the i386 folder. Reran setup and it worked.) Message 2: Insufficient memory for "3wareDrv100.sys". The setup then says to press any key to continue. It then says setup has failed and to restart your computer. Has anyone else had this problem, and
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