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  1. Cannot open Autounattend.xml from vLite in WAIK

    Yeah I'm having same problem as the first poster and I applied nuhi's fix after vlite made the .xml file and when I try to open up the answer file in WAIK I get a new error msg: "Unable to load DLL 'wimgapi.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)" Could this be because I have SP1 slipstreamed into my install.wim?
  2. Hey guys, if I integrate hotfix KB929777 can I install Vista x64 with 4gb installed on the mobo or will i run into the error?
  3. [Release] DAEMON Tools Lite v4.30.3

    32-bit sorry forgot to mention that Have not tested 64-bit...
  4. [Release] DAEMON Tools Lite v4.30.3

    I tested it and used it on a new installation, everything worked out fine! You're the man Johndoe!
  5. [Release] Skype

    Rado, you're the man! I don't know how you do it all but the slipstreaming community owes you big! Skype was updated to I think...
  6. [RELEASE]K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 1.62

    Is this an Addon or just the .exe installer of the K-lite pack?
  7. Index of ALL my addons [16/10/2011]

    I agree rado, that's why i wrote a suggestion to the Skype Suggestion Department Skype Suggestion Page Everyone can use this link .
  8. Index of ALL my addons [16/10/2011]

    Skype was updated to official version
  9. Index of ALL my addons [16/10/2011]

    Skype was just updated to and Skype Beta was updated to, by the way does anyone know what major improvements skype beta has over regular skype? edit: Rainlendar was also updated to 2.0.1 Lite
  10. [Release] Xfire 1.78

    hah, hate to bother you again, xfire was updated to 1.64 just now... think you could update again? You were insanely fast responding to my last post, ur the man!
  11. [Release] Xfire 1.78

    I tested this on vmware and xfire in this download is version 1.62 not 1.63 like it says