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  1. @ECHO OFF SET MyInput= IF NOT '%1'=='' GOTO Ready SET /P MyInput=Enter filename: copy %myinput% c:\ This will help?
  2. Check this maybe it will help: http://www.script-info.net/jsvbs/msscript/...ingshortcut.php
  3. Telekomunikacja Polska 56Kb/s dialup, soon maybe dsl 256Kb/s. Here in Poland on my region i have one provider TP, they offer is terrible. Jebac telekomune
  4. I have this folders to after windows update and i have deleted it and nothing happend.
  5. How did you do this?? Did you use loaders or sth?? or only pack it with other tool then cabarc??
  6. I thing setup check CRC and then can be some error?
  7. First you must backup your registry key to isobuster.reg and then regedit /s isobuster.reg. Am i wrong??
  8. At the moment ;-) Quake3 and Nitto racing www.nittoracing.com nice online game.
  9. Hi I'm new here, I'm from Poland as you can see at left of post, sorry for my english, and welcome users .
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