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  1. Yup I m too facig the same prob as u r..... Wen I was testing my ISO on Virtual Pc it gave me the Error of Missig ASMS folder and restarted. So for fixing this problem I simply reloaded my ISO in Daemons Tools and I restarted my Setup and was Happy to find I was having no more that Cracppy Error So after installing the XP fully and testing it I burned that ISO on a Blank CD and searched for a Freind's PC to test it again.(Yup I always Test CD's on any of my Friend's PC).While installing the XP on his PC I again faced the same prob of miising Asms folder. Please someone find a 100% working solution to this prob.
  2. Hiii Guyzz I m able to get the Shrinked office Folder of about 150 Mb. Now I think I will have to make it a Rar SFX to get the size to around 70 mb.(Correct me if I m wrong) So I was wondering wat all things to add in that Rar Sfx > Only the Shrinked Office Folder ?? I am really confused at this last step , do Help me..
  3. Detailed office shrinkage method

    What all files do I need to add in the Winrar Sfx. Only the shrinked office folder????
  4. Can anybody plzz post the Switchless installers for Opera and Yahoo Messenger.
  5. What will be the code for this in RunOnceEx. Sorry for asking this but I m just new
  6. WinntbbuED

    Ya this is the Same Prob I m Facing , Winntbbu.dll loads succefully for me, also I can edit all the parts like Text and pictures , but wen I try to save the work it gives error like Program Created problem and Shuts down. So What's the solution to this prob , also can it be because of BMP/picture file I m using.
  7. Okie , here's my admininstrative install - C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$1\install\Applications\OfficeXP And Target path is - C:\NewOffice\ So Now should I replace NewOffice files with administrative install.....
  8. Hey I have Downloaded Lang Shirnk2.exe , Wen I double click it , it asks for Source Folder and Target Folder , So did it meaned Source Folder > Xp Cd Path and Target Folder C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$1\install\Applications\OfficeXP Correct me if I m wrong....