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  1. nvidia nforce network problems

    I had the same issue with my onboard networking controller. NForce 2. I used the 6.14 drivers from Guru 3d and just installed the ethernet part of the drivers manually and everything works fine so far. Hope it helps
  2. Hello all

    Hello all: I am from NY and proud to be a member. You have a great site here with alot of info. Look forward to learning and helping with all of you.
  3. ATA Channel 1

    Hi there. I am new to this forum, just signed up the other day. Great forum. Here is my question. I have Vista installed and everything is working just fine. Everything is installed in the device manager except one thing. It is labeled ATA channel 1 and when i click on it to install the driver it comes up ide channel. Am i to assume this has to do with my NForce 2 board and is a part on the Nvidia chipset drivers. It does not hurt anything as far as i can see so far but i hate yellow marks lol. (A little info I found out today when playing and tweaking) Never lauch windows in a seperate process on this beta. When you go to my computer and explore your hard drives it takes about 5 min to load. Nf7s V2
  4. vista transformation pack

    This might help. By the way I am new here and you guys have alot of good info. Just go here and scroll down to the bottom and you will see all sorts of stuff you can do with windows xp to make it look an feel like vista. http://www.windows-tweaks.info/html/windows-vista.html