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  1. Muchas gracias amigo por el aporte. Nos vemos
  2. Anda, compañeros hispanohablantes Aer si me podeis ayudar con esto.
  3. I can´t download this hotfix myself because I need the validation. Could someone post the link? No puedo descargar esta actualización por mi mismo ya que necesito la validación. ¿Puede alguien postear el link?
  4. dotnetfxAdmin folder is over 196 megas!! 45 with 7-zip ultra compression!! Ryanvm dotnet2 is 16... And when I try to execute netfx it say me that I must go to run Install.exe. But if I do that, KB917283 can´t install (Framework 2.0 yes) My english is very very bad. However can you understand me?
  5. Very Thanks! But I have a problem. I do this: 1) md C:\Temp\dotnetfx2 C:\Temp\dotnetfx2.exe /T:C:\Temp\dotnetfx2 /C md C:\Temp\dotnetfxAdmin msiexec /a C:\Temp\dotnetfx2\netfx.msi TARGETDIR=C:\Temp\dotnetfxAdmin /qn rem cleanup rmdir /s /q C:\Temp\dotnetfx2 2) And later I extract KB917283 security update with 7 zip in the same folder (Temp) and... msiexec /p C:\Temp\NDP20-KB917283-X86.msp /a C:\Temp\dotnetfxAdmin\netfx.msi What is wrong??
  6. Hi guys! I'm a newbie and my english is very bad Can you help me?
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