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  1. Thanks @ oioldman But i already check dis site but i can't understand ???? can you tell me how can i execute a batch file 4rom a .exe file ???? dis will help me alot
  2. Hi @ GuYsss I em working on ma own WinXP Unattended + Office 2003. i was add office2003.exe (Silent Intaller of Office 2003) in $OEM$/$1/Install/office2003.exe but de problem iz dat after installation its just copy it into C:/Install/office2003.exe n no installation automatic. I make ma self usefull n make som3 search about dat matter all i got dat i have to make a Batch file n som3 Commands to make it work ???? em i right now can any on3 Guide me how can i make a batch file n what commands i have to put in it ???? Thanks in Advance;) Sorry 4or BaD EnGlisH Over n Out
  3. Need Help for Custum Theme Of XP?

    Here iz som3 of ma Favourite Wallpapers i just uploaded them.... Hey GuYsss i lose ma Icons Transperency coz of Virtual Pc may be..... Thanks 4or Reply
  4. Which Os Is Better?

    WinXP Pro iz kinda nice OS in ma opinion
  5. Vista Explorer on XP

    WOW!!!! (O_O) Thanks 4or Info @ grafx1
  6. Newest build of XP and SP2

    that's what mine says <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Same here dudes
  7. Hi GuYsss .... i was able to change Custom Theme Of Xp But de problem iz dat i lose My Icons Transperency n my XP look kile dat in dis pic plzzz can Any On3 Help to solve dis Issue.... I want My Icons Transperency .....
  8. Help Required :S

    It's hard to find legal copies in Pakistan . <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hahhahahhahah ya Aegis its hard to get a legal copy of Windows in Pakistan by de way Thanks GuYsss 4or Reponse i got dis files on GooGle Search Engine Thanks Again Peace Out
  9. Help Required :S

    Thanks 4or reply GuYsss: But de problem iz dis updates available 4or only Geniune XP's User n i unable to download dem ya know yyyyyy dats y i ask ya GuYsss 4or dis files Peace Out
  10. Help Required :S

    hi GuYsss: Dis iz ma First Post In Dis Forum n i need help of ya GuYsss i need dis files to complete ma ultimate copy of XP Pro hope ya GuYsss can help me. Needed Files: WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe WindowsXP-KB898461-x86-ENU.exe WindowsXP-KB887742-x86-ENU.exe Thanks In Advance