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  1. I got no idea, but where did you get that wallpaper? :-)
  2. Maybe I didnt descripe it clearly enough, but I don't want the drivers on the cd. I want to execute a batch _manually_ after installing windows, so it installs all the drivers.
  3. Hello... I got a Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop, so I need to install a few drivers when I've installed Windows XP. I don't want them to be installed under the installation, but after installing windows. I want to do this a easy way, so I was thinking of downloading the drivers from Dell's homepage, extracting them and grap the inf files. Then I could create a batch script to execute the inf files so they will be installed. My question is if this would work? And do I need to use some special parameters when executing those inf files, if thats the way to do it? Thanks dudes. - Tommy.
  4. Hello. Where can I see what build my current installation of WinXP is, and what about the build of my install of SP2? And where can I see what the newest build is, both for XP and SP2? This is kinda confusing and I cant find anything about build numbers on microsoft.com Thanks. Tommy.

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