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  1. Hi guys and thanks for these great advices and guides presented here. I've been experimenting with installing a newer version of XP [integrated August 2011 SP3] from an USB Stick . I've used the WinSetupFromUSB version 0.2.3 and everything is quite fine until I start the SECOND part of the instalation and the in gives me some errors : 1: Can't fins some ... unzip something ; 2:can;t fine something else and finally is says 3: Untranslatable message , Win32LastError is 14001 . What am I doing wrong ? The only modification I've done to the distribution is using nLite to remove the folders DOCS, VALUEADD etc. and the Windows Sounds and Music Samples while adding the latest AHCI drivers from Intel and Fernando's AMD AHCI modded ones . Also I've tried to do a completely UNATTENDED install but it still shows me the F8 = I Agree screen ... Anyway ... what can I do about this "Win32LastError is 14001" thing and how can I get rid of the "F8 - I Agree" screen ?
  2. The drivers are these : http://wikidrivers.com/wiki/Atheros_AR5xxx/AR9xxx_win5x
  3. All the drivers I've installed said that they are compatible with WindowsXP or better. Now I have the latest version and I've also installed 3 other versions too with the same result.
  4. Ok .. I've used over 3 versions of the drivers .. all install ok but then the Device Manager displays that yellow exclamation point to signal there's a problem . I've installed another WLAN card also an that one works with no problem. How can I get the Atheros AR5B97 chip to work? I've formatted the OS partition and reinstalled Win2003SRV R2 SP2 2 times by now but nothing changed The card works flawlessly in WinXP SP3 installed on the same PC (dual boot) so there's a OS probleme here not a hardware one. And no ... I have NO other software installed. Just the OS and drivers
  5. Ok .. I've slipstreamed the 32bit version of drivers using nLite in my win2003srv r2 sp2 and made a CD . When installing I get an error saying it can't find ahcix64.sys . The drivers were downloaded from GigaByte and were the 1540 version . Seeing that Fernando has a newer version that was modiffied in such a way that it would avoid some such errors .. I've slipstreamed his version posted above . But the error still stands the same Could it be that my version is 64Bit ? Shouldn't nLite report this ? I mean the version .. 32Bit or 64 bit ?
  6. Can I use these drivers for slipstreaming with Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 32Bit x86 ?
  7. AMD K6 & K7 Driver For Win98SE

    http://forums.amd.com/index.php?showtopic=50561 don't know much about this myself but it looks like there might be 98SE ones already if thats what you mean, other than that no one around here will be stealing anything (well maybe mitchellovision & dirtwarrior, but no one else dammit) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hmm ... you are talking about the PowerNow! technology ... but I was refering to the fact that the manifesting performace of my XP2000+ CPU differs by 25% from a CLEAN Win98SE install equiped with the best drivers and a CLEAN WinXPSP2 instal also with the best drivers in a simple benchmark that only uses the mathematical units in the CPU. SuperPI calculates 8M in 12 minutes in WinXPSP2 and in 15minutes in Win98SE ... that's my riddle...
  8. AMD K6 & K7 Driver For Win98SE

    You have choosen the verb "steal" on purpose I think. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm reading your post with a big smile on my face ... Although I hope I haven't ofended anyone. Why "steal"? It was a choice of words ... random... spontaneous ... just that .
  9. I've started this topic to see if there is possible to steal and adapt one of the WinXP drivers for K6 & K7 CPUs from AMD and make it work with Win98 ... While doin some benchmarking I've noticed that there was a 20 to 30 % performance difference between Win98's results and WinXP's results .... WinXP being faster in finishing the SUPER PI 8M benchmark and ... that could only be directly related to the K6 and K7 CPU drivers in WinXP bacause the result repeated itself althogh I've tried with several reinstalls of Win98 with different combinations of drivers and setting ... Can this be done? ... Steal and adapt a K6 & K7 CPU driver from WinXp and adapt it for Win98SE? What do you think ? Will you try it ?