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  1. hello. everyone. i can't speak english very well. lol.. i made ie context menu on textarea or input text area. for auto login use on website. without autologin util. example : //id_pw.vbs Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WScript.Sleep 1000 WshShell.SendKeys "insertid" WScript.Sleep 500 WshShell.SendKeys "{TAB}" WshShell.SendKeys "insertpw" WScript.Sleep 500 WshShell.SendKeys "{enter}" // vbs end on login form, auto insert id, tab, insert password, return vbs script. how does it work? is it possible?
  2. Remove Item from Windows Service (MMC) List

    caution. command prompt : sc del service name i think it will be impossible repair..
  3. wow.. thank u very much have a nice day..
  4. http://kr.img.blog.yahoo.com/ybi/1/70/d1/j...?1127033333.jpg hi every one.. I searched forum, i want to remove 'Press any key to boot from CD' in my multi boot cd. first I remove bootfix.bin 'Press any key to boot from CD' by hexeditor. but i didn't work to me, it is remove only xp boot message if press any key to go to xpsetup. select one in multi boot cd menu, how can I enter the directly xp setup? which area of bootfix.bin has to be fixed? i'm poor at speak english. sorry.. thx..
  5. in dos prompt, Go to cd boot menu?

    wow really fast answer.. I have to try make boot cd again.. thx Hatefulsorrow.. have nice day..
  6. hi everyone.. i'm poor at speak english well and make first posting.. well.. first I entered my cd boot menu.. select one I entered dos prompt, I want to know in dos prompt, can I go to cd boot menu back again? is it possible? if it is possible.. how to do? speak english very hard... i'm from korea.. thx..