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  1. Thank You - it had been set to 6
  2. I would like to set up a user on my laptop and not give them a password - but the the os insists on me giving them one with a mininmum of 6 characters -is there a way around that? I think you can do this when you first install xp or when you 1st use the computer after buying it - but not at any other time it would seem.
  3. dezzmo


    Tried all that and still no good!
  4. dezzmo


    It's not in that folder! Is that a worry?
  5. Thanks for that - all firewalls were already removed/turned off!
  6. I have no firewalls atm.
  7. dezzmo


    Every time my computer boots up I get this message: ------------------------------------------------------- 16 BIT WINDOWS SUB-SYSTEM C:\Windows\System32\Autoexec.nt The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and microsoft windows applications. Choose close to terminate the application. -------------------------------------------------------- Any clues as to how to remove this?
  8. Computers on the home network block others out but let others in with no obvious differences in the setup. I have had two computers that have reversed the situation on each other. First one computer my main desktop computer blocked out my laptop but let all others on my network, xp or 2k's and then after I reformated that computer the laptop could get in. This computer had sp 2 at 1st but was rolled back - it needed the reformat to clear up the blocked access to all computers -well to the laptop. I installed sp2 on the laptop and it has blocked out my desktop computer, but lets the others have access - i have rolled back sp2 - and still blocks it out. I am now thinking of reformatting the laptop which belongs to my work btw to see if it clears the problem. As an side on the laptop since sp2 it has contiuously locked out my usual login at home, but works fine on the domain at work.
  9. Has anyone come across problems with networking after installing sp2? It appears to have happened twice to me. A reformat solved the situation in the first case and I am about to see if that will fix the curent problem. I am referring to small home networks, not those run by a server with domains.
  10. The laptop has a different workgroup name to the others, but I dont think it is an issue. I am beginning to thnk that xp sp2 is the issue. When both computers were blocking the other out they had both been rolled back from sp2 after thaat had stopped networking on a lager scale - there are more computers on the network.
  11. What I need to add was that previously the reverse was occurring. This desktop would not allow the laptop in but it could access the laptop. By reformatting this desktop computer, it became accessible to the laptop and still is!
  12. I have 3 computers at home on a network all running xp and managed by a FBSD server with internet sharing. One of these is a laptop that I also use at work. Of the other two desktop computers only one of these is able to access the laptop. The one which is blocked is told it doesnt have access to that computer. I have looked at numerous options but nothing seems to have changed. The laptop was running with sp2, so in turn I turned off the firewall setting and then removed sp 2. Nothing changed. The two desktop computers are able to communicate without any problems. I can access the laptop computer at work from my workstation running 2000 on a domain. Any ideas??
  13. I know there are a number of programs that can extract icons from various files. I used one a few years back, that enabled you to make up collections of icons and save them as dll files. I am having trouble locating such a program now, either freeware or shareware. If anyone can point me in the direction of such a program I would be most grateful. Thanks :-Dz
  14. And when I right click in explorer/desktop I can't get to work by slecting PLAY, but if I select OPEN, then the playlist will play. On another computer I dont have the OPEN option on right-click.
  15. When I create a playlist I am unable to activate it in Media Player when i double-click on it. The Media Player interface appears but no list appears and nothing plays. If I locate the playlist file in explorer and use the 'open-with' command the list will then be generated and the tracks will play as normal. I am able to d/c on individual tracks and they will play ok, but something is amiss with the .wpl files.
  16. I am getting this message after installing media player 10 - 'the application failed to start because gdiplus.dll was not found - try reinstalling the product'. Does anyone know how to correct it? - a reinstall does not work. I am guessing a roll back might at least get Media Player operational.
  17. Thanks for the reply... The options are found in TOOLS- INTERNET OPTIONS- PROGRAMS- HTML EDITOR - There is a drop down box. I think some software gets added on its installation and there is a vb script that you can run to add more - where in the registry can you do it as well ? That will also be the only place to remove any from the list. :-Dzm
  18. Same here - I like Avant, but use Firefox as well for a change on occasions
  19. Currently I have 5 options listed for html editing choices in IE6 - Excel, Publisher, Front Page, Word and Notepad. How do I add/delete applications to/from this list of options? Thanks :-Dzm

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