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  1. Sweet, thanks so much! I can write the VBScript code around this. Again, thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a way to poll a list of printer names off of a print server. I was hoping to do that in a VBScript, if that's possible. If this isn't the forum to ask in then I'm sorry. Thanks! Keith
  3. Well, I'm using a USB drive in the same situation that you are, and the images in my HTA come up fine. Maybe if you put in the entire path of the image in the HTA it will work? Sorry, that's all that I can think of...
  4. Hey guys, just have a quick question. The chm file for win PE states that I have to to add the oc.bat to the startet.cmd file. The thing is, if I do this, nothing else in the startnet.cmd file will run. I figure I need to run the oc.bat before I can run vbs or hta files, but i'd like to make them automated. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Keith

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