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  1. After all efforts I finally tried group policy. I forced Vista to wait for the network before login. Work perfectly (finally)!
  2. It only really seems to happen upon a cold boot. My switch shows that it does have a connection. Good thought! Wondering if you could provide me with that script. I just want to compare my script to yours. In fact, it is on a gigabit connection. The computer is connected to a gigabit switch and the onboard gigabit NIC is Marvell/Intel branded.
  3. Once I login into Vista, it takes a while to get an IP from my DHCP. I have a login script to map network drives so, without an IP I can't map those drives. The network icon in the system tray shows the LAN cable is disconnected but, after a few moments, it shows the network is connected and the globe icon shows. I even set my IP to static still Vista shows the network is disconnected but, then after a few moments Vista shows the network is connected. I'm wondering if anybody else has this problem. Any ideas?
  4. UAC on = Black screen.

    I can boot into safe mode without any problems. I tried the low resolution boot and still nothing. Also did a sfc /scannow, and still nothing. Any other ideas? (Does UAC depend on a service)
  5. UAC on = Black screen.

    If I toggle UAC on after Vista asks me to reboot to apply the changes, I get a black screen with only the mouse. I can do a CTRL + ALT + DEL but, Vista won't let me into the task manager to execute EXPLORER.EXE. WIN + R does not work either so, I can't start EXPLORER.EXE. Anybody have any ideas?
  6. I'm looking to deploy Vista from Ghost images. Is there a command I can imply in the answer file to turn off the UAC? Thanks.
  7. And give MS a backdoor to my workstation? No!!! Just break out the $250 and pay for the crappy O/S. Still waiting for the final release of SP1.
  8. Question: XP view settings w/ removeable drives.

    Anyone? Can anyone test their systems that are uncustomized to test out the setting please? Thanks.
  9. Question: XP view settings w/ removeable drives.

    I've tried that already. I'm just wondering if XP is capable of remembering folder view settings for removeable drives such as USB flash tumbnail drives. I made a custom install of XP and was wondering if I removed something vital to this feature if there is a feature. So, will XP remember folder view settings for my USB drive? Thanks.
  10. Is XP supossed to remember the folder view settings (detail, thumbnail, list, etc.) for a removeable drive like a USB thumbdrive? I can't get XP to remember that I want to view the thumbdrive in a detail format. Is this a bug with my system or is it like that by default? Thanks. I have a customized version of XP too, did I do something?
  11. Please Help. MP3 ID3 Tag problems.

    Well, I think I fiqured it out. I might of uninstalled something when I did a slipstream of XP SP2. Thanks anyway.
  12. Why can't I edit or view my ID3 tags on my MP3s? I can't edit the artist, album, etc using windows and can't view artist, album, etc when looking in my MP3 folder. Did I do something? I can see my tags when I play them using WMP but can't see them when I go to my MP3 folder which houses all my MP3s from iTunes i have converted. I can only edit them through a third party program but I want to use Windows and actually view the tag info. Thanks
  13. Please Help!

  14. Please Help!