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  1. On this place here ; many thanks to glocK_94 for his german translated kernel32.dll. I´ve tested it now 2 days and my anoying "mmtask error" has gone. Works as original one. Thanks for your support. Tijay
  2. I´ve a small question : It´s possible to patch the german version of the kernel32.dll ? I tried the versions posted here and they work very well - so far. But sometimes i get an error message about "mmtask". I can close the message window and everything goes at normal. No bluescreeen, no freezes. And the command windows are in an english/german mix B) Tijay
  3. @eidenk : Sorry to say, you´re not right for 100% I use an Win98Se system with all updates i know. And i have an DVB Card in my System. So i record often Movies from the Broadcasting channels. Mostly the files are larger than 3GB. Isn´t any prob to record them. Also you can try to copy an DVD with Alcohol 120%, over up to 4GB the dump will splitted. So its no problem to write files until 4GB on an FAT 32 System. But for one thing you´re right - I´m not able to copy such big file from one harddisk to another for example. For WinME i can´t say anything about, i used this OS long time very long time ago. Must check If ME could handle such big files with full support, like copy, split or anything else, it would be fine to integrate it into Win98. May this is now a bit Off Topic, but in this moment i remember an long forgotten question : Anybody tryed to find an solution for full DVD support in Win98 ? I know, its no prob to handle DVD´s with Win98, but some month ago i want to update my burner firmware and the last one was only as Win32 application available. Early times it comes as .bin file for DOS flash. But now only as Windows Flash. As i try this flash, the updater tells me there are no DVD device detected. So i must switch to Win 2000 with my ghost image. Any chance to integrate such support into Win98? Sorry for Off-topic. Tijay
  4. Oh dam.. i didn´t try the download button because i see the "posted date". This shows 02/09/05 so i think the driver was the old 5xx cat. Thx......i become slowly too old for this s***... Tijay
  5. I´m surprised Where do you find the last Catalyst 6.2 Driver supporting 9x systems? On the official ATI page i can only find the actual drivers for XP/2000 platforms. Tijay
  6. Hello, i´m sorry, i can say nothing about an AMD based system. But for myself actually i use an Intel system. I suggest it´s very fast. The Mobo is an ABIT Ai7 with Intel 478 Chipset. Cpu is 3.2 GHZ extreme Edition. I use the Adaptec 19160 SCSI Controller and 2 Seagate 15.000 Upm Harddisks. Since 1 Week i change my old Graka to an ATI X800XT AIW. Unfortunately this kind of Graka was not supportet by Win98 and there´s no official Driver. On ATI´s page i have found an unsupportet Driver for 98/ME with x800 series support, but no more WDM Driver for the TV Option or Vivo. And the Card Driver is too bad. My Monitor isn`t detected well, only 60hz is possible. To use the Monitor driver hasn´t any effort. So i did myself and rebuilded the older OMEGA Driver 2.6.37. I ad support for the x300-x800 series and everything works very well. The WDM Driver must completely changed. The ATIVTUXX.SYS is the main Problem. But i did it. And now i can use the full features from this card on 98. . I think this system is fast enough now. But isn´t an cheap solution. If someone owns such Graka or wants to buy one, feel free to mail me for getting the Driverset. No prob to share it with the real 98 friends, Tijay ´´
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