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  1. Everithing under $OEM$\$$ will be copied to %systemdir% (c:\windows), am I correct? Just need to be sure
  2. Thanx for all your recommendations guys, i'll give them a try (actually I am right now), but noone answered my question yet: Is there any method I can use to install something unattended after the second reboot (let's say when a Norton setup finishes)??? :newbie:
  3. When making a two disc install using cmd files, webmedic's method (first_boot.cmd) works great, but, how to do the same with inf and/or registry based setups? anyone?
  4. I tried to install NSW 2003 and NIS 2003 unattended, NSW setup went flawless, but when the batch file launched NIS setup it stops saying that there's an unfinished NSW installation, So NSW needs to restart to finish its installation. Is there any way to install NIS unattended on the second reboot letting NSW setup to finish?
  5. Is there any way you can remove start menu shortcuts unattended? Like windows update, windows catalog, etc
  6. Besides WindowsUpdate and hfnetchk (listed in guide), Is there any way to know which hotfixes you need? Sometimes you don't have an internet connection handy to get into windowsupdate and I think hfnetchk doesn't work good on localizaed versions of XP
  7. Have you checked youir file's version? I got the same error when I tried to slipstream an already slipstreamed version of Office. Chances are that your CD already contains SP2 updates.
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