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  1. OK, I have some reg tweaks to import into 2003 (x64) and for some reason they JUST DON'T WANT TO 'TAKE'. Has anybody else seen this behavior?
  2. You need a bigger virtual drive - try 8 gigs...
  3. Vmware5 is supposed to support 64 bit OS's, but it fails install...
  4. Hmmm - gonna try Cinebench on XP (x32 and x64) then Vista (x32 and x64) and post results. This thing is the best overall bench for 3d apps IMHO... L8R!
  5. What trouble are you having, Ronin? I ran Amapi and others are running Maya... Do you think it's a driver issue?
  6. I mean both machines cannot connect to the internet - I also assume they could not share files between them since it says 'network cable unplugged' on both.... still unresolved!
  7. Running two PCs off a d-link router. When I run VISTA I get 'network cable unplugged' on BOTH machines connected to the router. Anybody else? (ps. VISTA says it recognizes the router - that's when network goes south...)
  8. Are you running a RAID? ...even if you're installing on IDE, do you have your RAID 'active' when you try to install? I have the same exact problem... Can you boot off DVD for the install and have it recognize your drives or not?
  9. Thanks for all the replies. 1) got it running on the Dell - the installer did not like leaving the install DVD in the drive - yank out the disk after reboot and worked fine (!!!) 2) STILL can't get it to install on my RAID machine (not ON the raid, just onto another IDE drive) 3) if I run LH on my dell, it pops up something saying it recognized my d-link router and I start to get disconnects (a network cable is unplugged) every 30 sec or so on BOTH machines. Using XP no problems with my network... Again, truly, deeply, thanks for all your replies
  10. Don't feel bad - I can't get the F-ing thing to install on a gool old regular IDE drive on my SATA system...
  11. OK, I know I can't install either the x32 of x64 LH onto a RAID so I dug up an old IDE drive and tried to install on it, but it STILL complains that it 'could not analyze disks'. That's on my main machine (homebuilt A64 3000+ w/ gigabyte MB). On my second machine, it seems to want to install but freezes after the reboot at 'staring installation...'. That machine (DELL DIM 8300) has serial ATA and IDE drives (trying to install onto IDE drive). Does ANYBODY have any ideas what could be causing these symptoms on my machines? I still don't see where to install drivers (ala f6 w/ XP). HELP!! (ps. with a FAILED LH install, how do you get rid of the pre-boot screen that seems to want to always choose 'LH installation'? If I can't get this thing installed, I don't want to be teased ever time I boot!!!
  12. too much 3rd party stuff broke with x64 - try getting flexlm to work - what the hell 64bit apps are you guys using to say you have 'huge speed increases'? my guess is you just think you're too cool for school since you're running basically BETA Winx64. you're not. it sucks. end of story. (and I _have_ a 64bit 3400 machine, just FYI)
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