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  1. The latest version(s) of iTunes (7.6) requires the following files (Windows\System32): sccbase.dll sccsccp.dll slbcsp.dll slbiop.dll and also: wmasf.dll wmidx.dll Thanks to the MSFN user from this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/iTunes-won-t-sta...520#entry732520 Another user in the same thread says that newer versions of iTunes require the SmartCard service.
  2. I've been posting now and then shooting down any comments where people try to taint the SP with suggestions of 3rd party add-ins, app replacements or hacks. 100% agreement here! While 3rd party add-ins can be great, there's no reason why those can't be part of a separate package and excluded from 98 service packs.
  3. Post here why you agree or disagree about Win95 shell32.dll on Win98SE. And if this shell32.dll could be or not included in Revolutions Pack. Sounds more like it belongs to 98Lite than it does a 98SE service pack. The situation you are in is a result of using 98Lite, not with Windows 98SE. Tell the 98Lite guys that you are a paying customer and that this problem should be fixed.
  4. This won't be much help to you but I'm running a LinkSys WPC54GS (Super G PC Card) which uses the Odyssey client and it works fine. No ODSERVICE.DLL (C:\Program Files\Funk Software\Odyssey Client\odservice.dll) errors. I clean installed 98SE and SP2.01 before installing the WiFi card. I picked up the same LinkSys card just last week and it works fine in another notebook. edit// Hmm, maybe it works on mine because I installed the driver after 2.01.
  5. I went back to the original 98SE version also because I didn't like it showing Microsoft Windows ME . Thanks for the tip though. If it gives me problems, I'll know what to do .
  6. The reason of that problem [as Petr explained previously] is updated SYSDM.CPL file. Thanks. I only have a 30GB drive in this notebook so I replaced it with the original SYSDM.CPL. I don't think I'll ever have a >64GB partition on a 98 machine so I should be safe . Sorry about bringing up known issues. I did try scanning through the threads and using Search but ... I've been using sysdm.cpl 4.90.3001 [ MS hotfix Q272620 for WinME = http://www.mdgx.com/files/ME272620.EXE ] on 2 98SE computers for the past 3-4 weeks, and haven't seen any errors so far. Thanks. I'll give this a shot. SYSD
  7. - clean install of 98SE + SP2.01 Immediately after installing SP2.01, in Control Panel ... System ... System Properties pane, it no longer shows the Processor. It only shows the amount of RAM installed. It happened on two different computers I clean installed. Everything seems to be running fine and I could live with this "error" but it would be nice if I could get it back. It just seems wrong . Thanks.
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