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  1. Thanks for the answers, Super-Magician and Siginet! I'll test it probably by next week.
  2. Well, I can't test it now, but just started once to check out what the advanced tab was about. I found 2 glitches: File => properties: still there, I think it's unneeded when you have the advanced tab. (now it just does nothing when you click on it) Info => help isn't working When I select my source path, will the powerpacker automaticly see if I have a corporate or a retail version? I don't have to activate my windows, but I don't know if it's a corporate version. We bought it via MS-KIS (my mom is a teacher) Looks like a cool program! Keep up the good work! (btw: I think you made the RyanVM slipstreamer too, is this integrated in Powerpacker? I can't find it. Should I just first use the slipstreamer and then the XP Powerpacker?)
  3. I think it's possible, but I don't think that many users will use that function. Most of the users who wants to do that, can do it by themselves. I think this function will harm your UAXPCD when you already created a runoncex. A good idea, but not for everybody. If this function will be added, please add a big warning. grtz
  4. Not that important as XPero's just kidding! Happy Birthday!
  5. Congrats! BTW: It isn't that close, your math. My french: 31/60 FREAK!
  6. I think they'll be overwritten, but that isn't a problem, i think, because Bashrat his packs has almost all the drivers you can imagine. If there's a driver whick isn't in the pack, you can make your own extra pack. It isn't that hard. good luck
  7. Had the same problem. I now just use the /nocmd switch in my uacd. Maybe it's a good thing to make a thread with known difficulties such as this, and powerdvd and ... grtz
  8. Thanks! I'll make my final XP-DVD this weekend! Thanks again!
  9. Is this one in the Sound A 5.11, or will it be in Sound B?
  10. Didn't thought it was so funny, but hey, laughing is healthy! Let's laugh a second time... But I really don't know how you manage to be still motivated. When I start a project, I try some things, and when it works a little bit, I stop, because it isn't exciting anymore... Thanks!
  11. Thanks for adding my WLan card, now my soundcard just joking...
  12. Ow, didn't noticed that one... Thanks a lot!
  13. Hi User_name, could you add my philips driver?

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