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  1. with all this exploitable code, do you really think that there as many crackers and as many exploits around that every system is hacked ? also, the updates make new security holes, that's why some updates are only valid for SP2/SP1. crackers are always aiming towards hacking the uncovered exploits in the new updated versions, not the old ones. not to mention the fact that no matter how many updates you make it will never be secure, look win2000 it's SP4 there are still exploits in it, nothing will ever be secure. keep in mind that all these updates all additonal load on the system, they make those libraries bigger all the time, because ther not only add new security code, but also add bloat, that is why SP2 has a 137 MB ISO and SP0 has only 79 MB ISO. and personally I would install all the security updates if they were really updating only the security problems, but they don't and if they were also fixing ALL the security problems, but neither is true. if a company REALLY wants to make their products secure, they would have done that in the first place. if I had to guess, they insert security holes to make you want to "fix" them so that they could add more bloat to the .dll's which would of corse make you buy more powerful system, that's where they get money from hardware companies.... and most important to you than anything else : I am running an "insecure" sp0 system without any updates, everything works fine without any problems, all these "security holes" that are in the .dll's, I have two things to say about them : 1. don't load / run them and there won't be any security holes, 2. their explitability is nowhere near critical, 3. even if there is some hole is the security and someone is to exploit it and if he's really good enough he will exploit even your most updated system.
  2. hi every1... i'm looking for a program or plugin for winamp or whatever that can check if a wave file is an original one. what i mean that i have some wave files on my computer and i wanna make sure that they are original and not a mp3 file that was encoded to a wave file... a friend told me that there is no program that can check this, but i'm sure that there must be such prog. sorry about my english and thanks if any1 can help me with this.
  3. for what purpose did you suggest to use them ? window string and file operations to do what ?
  4. the dude didn't have time to work on the syte I think. there are variables in his scripts, %1, %2, %3 check in the top of the file, the directories are selected at run time. what is AutoHotKey and AutoIt ?

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