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  1. I Guess i should consider installing this as well then. Thanks
  2. Sorry yes that wasnt very clear i wrote it at sillyoclock this morning. I mean the .Net framework that show up in the windows update after a fresh install. I have not installed it here and have never been asked for it by a program, do you think it will be something that will increase with time? silly question really? Opinions please
  3. Can anyone explain to me what this does and what the benifits are. Is it something i should allways install or something i should allways ignore. Thanks
  4. Spot on - That screen dissapeared when i removed this hotfix. @webmedic In your answers to my questions earlier you said that the problem with the mdac h/f was solved but in the last post of your do.cmd the problem is still there. Do you have an updated version or am i jumping the gun.
  5. I would be able to tell you if VirtualPC was any quicker. The extra install time is making me think its not worth doing the slipstream options and just using an inf file from the desktop at startup. It been sat on 13 mins now for ages.............
  6. I dont't think that will solve my problem as i don't reboot the pc, but the startup folder will, i think ill go with that route. I just have to figure out how to del the file from within the vbs.
  7. so like me you are initiating the quicklaunch.vbs before the shell has loaded. But this dosnt work for me, when the shell starts it opens the control panel and then pops up the start menu and thats where it stops.
  8. Can we just clear something up. hfa71 & webmedic the keys and cmd you speak of, when are they started? before the desktop loads and after minisetup or after the desktop appears. I only have one startup.inf that is called from the guirunonce section of winnt.sif and this does all of my mods at the end it fires the vbs for the quicklaunch but it appears to have completed before the desktop starts or is inhibeted by the start menu poping up.
  9. Beats me dude, ive just spent the last 30 mins trying to figure out why the image wouldnt show Now ill go find out what h/f caused that....
  10. ofcourse you see it fine, now that i have deleted the MSFN user account and made a new one called qmsfn....... Your forum s/w is capitalising MSFN even in the image and url code applets.
  11. Its this stupid forum, its capitalising the lowercase MSFN in my url path. i set up some webspace for this sort of thing and its bloody useles cos we cant enter the url in lower case. grrrrr
  12. I can't get this to run properley. If i run it after my desktop has appeared it runs fine but when i add it as the last entry in my startup.cmd / inf it either completes before the desktop starts or the start menu poping up inhibits it from running correctly. Any ideas? Paul
  13. Some more questions - Just for good messure 1) Dosnet.inf - I don't know what this file is for so do i need to include it? What would be the result of me not including it? and would it be safe to use the version from my current install cd? 2) TXTSETUP.sif - Is this file only modified for including the raid drivers? , do i need to worry about your version breaking something in my setup? I have not made any changes to my version of this file. 3) Have you used this method to install some of the recommend updates? like the messenger 4.7 and the moviemaker upgrade? if so how have you named those files in your dir 1 & 2. If not what are your thoughs on this. 4) Has the problem with the mdac been fixed? if not is it safe to remove it from the #3 folder and install it using a batch file under guirunonce method ? 5) The Log reports the below errors during the "delete unwanted files from extract folder." section of the proccess. Have i missed something ? Could Not Find C:\prep\4\*WinM*.* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\*WinN*.* Deleted file - C:\prep\4\Q330994_me.cat Deleted file - C:\prep\4\Q822925_me.cat Could Not Find C:\prep\4\dahotfix.* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\*_252.dll Could Not Find C:\prep\4\*_253.dll Could Not Find C:\prep\4\*_262.dll Could Not Find C:\prep\4\odbc32_2* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\odbcbcp_2* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\odbccp32_2* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sqloledb_2* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sqlsrv32_2* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\*.pdb Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\spmsg.* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\hotfix.* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\spuninst.* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\empty.* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\eula.* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\spcustom.* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\xpsp*.exe Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\sp1 Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\*WinM*.* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\*WinN*.* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\*_me.cat Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\dahotfix.* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\*_252.dll Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\*_253.dll Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\*_262.dll Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\odbc32_2* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\odbcbcp_2* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\odbccp32_2* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\sqloledb_2* Could Not Find C:\prep\4\sp2\sqlsrv32_2* Sorry for all the questions
  14. How do i install it, I just looked through the cd and came up blank
  15. errrr - Sorry but the penny hasnt dropped for me, what is rm.exe ?
  16. You know the funny thing is Most of those staements arnt true - XP isnt all that bad - now ME that was another story
  17. Great, ill give this a try today. @webmedic - I modified one of the inf files you posted in another topic and used this to run a .vbs HKLM,%RunOnce%setup,"Applying Icon Layout Script",0, "wscript \install\\iconlayout.vbs" I also have a question for you, in the same example you gave you use %systemdrive% in most of the runonce statements but in the [strings] section you give systemdrive="C:" - How does this deal with an alternate drive leter during install? Thanks Paul
  18. Has anyone figured out how to turn the quick lauch toolbar on during install? Thanks
  19. Tested under VirtualPC - Works first time. Thank you. Paul
  20. Any more info on this one yet, I have a cd on standby that i couldnt get this working on. Thanks

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