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  1. You could also try to boot (XP install CD or a linux distro) from it to check it is fully working.

    I tried different CDs ,XP and different versions of Vista and Windows 7

    I have a VHD image from the time everything was working fine.

    How do I recover the driver/registry from it to make DVD rom working?

  2. I have an HP laptop(model: dv6000)

    after windows update my dvd rom is missing, it does not have filter problems

    there are no upper and lower filters present in the registry

    I removed the dvd rom and put it into another laptop and it works. I put working dvd rom into this laptop

    and it does get recognized in the device manager or the computer.

    There is no icon for the DVD rom in the device manager as well.

    When i add generic dvd rom as legacy hardware from device manager, it adds the icon with a "?" with code 31

    the laptop does not recognize the hardware at all.

    When i go to the HP site and try to upgrade the driver for the model, it says i do not have the device connected

    though it is connected.

  3. i used the shellexview and disabled all the on MS extensions, at first it seemed like it was working...but it still spikes..

    maybe im not using the shellexview right? what do i have to do exactly?

  4. I tried using your guide but its a bit unclear at some steps.

    I dont get the "stack counts by type" graph?

    i tried the summary table on the cpu by cpu graph but my highest count was "ntsokernal.exe" ?

  5. well, thats the thing, i already tried safe mode, no luck. It hangs at the screen that loads all the files. Also, i've tried using the windows repair from the cd. but the cd drive doesnt read the cd/dvd anymore either..although, i canhear it spinning. Any other suggestions :( The laptop is only a year old, it cant be that bad

  6. Recently, my laptop stopped booting. I upgraded to Windows 7(clean install) and it worked just fine. A week later, i went to boot up my laptop and the boot up process hung at the "Starting Windows" screen. Every single time. I searched the problem online and the only answer i was able to come up with is something to do with the bios, i took the harddrive out and retrieved my files from it so the harddrive was fine. If the bios is the problem, how would i go about reflashing it? If its not the problem...what is?

    (Laptop Model: HP Pavilion dv6660se, special edition)

  7. I installed a graphic card for my dad in his desktop pc. I tested it on my tv(LG 32 inch tv) and it worked flawlessy. My dad took his computer home and hooked it up to his 50 inch LG tv and messed up a setting now his picture isnt "widescreen"(as in it doesnt take up the full screen) it has two black stripes on the left and right side of the screen.

    I live pretty far from him so its not like i can go over and fix it for him. I tried helping him on the phone but my tips didnt seem to work.

    How can he fix this?

  8. Hey guys, it was the DVD, probably a bad burn or download. I installed it just fine. The problem now is that i only have 2GB of memory, and my laptop doesnt work as smooth as it did with 32bit? should i just go back to 32bit? I see a big difference between 32 and 64bit(32bit being better :P)

  9. I got it from my MSDN site for school so theres probably nothing wrong with it?

    No i didnt use vlite or anything, just downloaded it, burnt it, and tried to install it.

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