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  1. Where goes what?

    Thanx will try that first. Where can I find vmware? cause at this moment im losing quite a lot of cd's!!! hehehehe
  2. [Desktops] 2005

    lost soul, will you please help me with the unattended thing? sorry to bother you here, but me REALLY desperate!!!
  3. Where goes what?

    ok, it goes past inspectin hardware thing, then it asks on what partition i want to install windows, (will automate later),then formats, then it copies the files, then reboots, then as soon as "preparing installation" screen comes up. it says : internal data structures are corrupted (phase 0) (o ja, it does not ask if you accept the licence agreement, and neither waits for 15secs to reboot - so it means something is working right?) Any ideas? thanx
  4. Where goes what?

    will enter it quickly give me a few secs please. will post now
  5. Hi ouks (and gals) I got a problem. Very shuffed with myself, (thinking i completed my unattended installation), but with no success. I renamed the txt file to WINNT.sif, copied it into I386 (and other 4 files as well) but nope. With $oem$ copied in root everything, created iso and written to cd. As soon as I enter the cd everything works fine up and till it goes to the next screen (where the GUI kick in) Time - 39m, and it gives me an internal error! Can somebody please help me? Where do all the files go? Thanx Paddman