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  1. Documentation has finally trickled out from Microsoft! Adding Support for 802.1x to WinPE
  2. Hey all! Some of you might be interested in a thread over on the TechNet forums "WinPE 802.1x TLS authentication during zero touch?". By the end of the thread, a method of getting 802.1X working under Windows PE is given. Microsoft still haven't given any documentation on getting this all working properly. Any use/thoughts?
  3. id = "USB\VID_03F0&PID_2001", "usbstor" #--HP id = "USB\VID_054C&PID_002C", "usbstor" #--Sony id = "USB\VID_057B&PID_0001", "usbstor" #--Y-E Data id = "USB\VID_0409&PID_0040", "usbstor" #--NEC id = "USB\VID_0424&PID_0FDC", "usbstor" #--SMSC id = "USB\VID_08BD&PID_1100", "usbstor" #--Iomega id = "USB\VID_055D&PID_2020", "usbstor" #--Samsung Samsung added to the list...
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