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  1. I'm running Windows server 2003 Enterprise on a 450MHz machine with 128Mb RAM. And it's running a AD.
  2. Hi I would like to get a linksys router soon. One with an ADSL modem, wifi and switch. My friend tells me there is one which you can mod. Does anyone here know what model number it is, or can point me to a webpage? Thanks in Adv.
  3. I going to build/buy a new computer soon and I would like to know, is it worth it to get a 64-bit processor? Why are 64-bit better? Does It run faster than 32-bit? Thanks
  4. Stargate: theAlliance does anyone know when this is comming out (in Australia)? What price? And also what min spec it will need (Not at I want tis computer to run it)? Thanks
  5. Hi people. Thanks for the warm welcome.

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