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Hello, My name is Nicholas Erwin (but you can call me Nick) and I'm a photographer that grew up and currently lives in Vermont. Some of my strengths include landscape, nature and urban photography. I love to capture everyday life in my photographs to show the world what I see with my eyes.

I went to school for software, computer hardware and computer networking however, my passion changed when I decided to take a couple classes on photography and found out that I had an affinity for photography. After school I started to learn more about photography on my own and quickly matured into a young photographer, I didn't know exactly what style of photography I wanted to do and tried many different ways and found out I could almost photograph anything.

My work has been displayed on local news channels and printed in calendars. In the digital age with Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube I was able to share my photographs with the world and will continue to grow and develop my eye in photography.

None of this could've been done without the love and support of my family.

You can follow me on Twitter @nerwin

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