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  1. thank you gosh for your late in my answer,I solved it myself.
  2. hi gosh how can I use bashrat driverpack method 2 with your method in a multi boot cd I want have VOL1 install Xp with driverpack and VOL2 install with out driver pack. I created XP and VOL1 and VOl2 with gosh method, then copy UWXP_CDROOT folder files(created by bashrat driverpack method 2) to XP folder and run RUN_ME.bat file .when finished I cut and copeid txtsetup.sif and winnt.sif from my I386 folder to VOL1 ,then copied copy_sys_files_to_temp.bat from multi_boot_tools folder from driver pack to XP folder and run it adI copied result files to my VOL1 folder. any way my VOL1.DAT(installing with driver pack) work good. but in VOL2.DAT (installing without driver pack) in first of gui mode I receive an error massege: system32\presetup.cmd not found system32\setupORG.exe notfound with two reason: these files not exists in I386 folder or in txtsetup.sif not exists blow section [sourceDiskFiles] setupORG.exe=1,,,,2,0,0 presetup.cmd=1,,,,2,0,0 if I add these lines to txtsetup.sif in VOL2 folder my VOL2 mode installation will install windows xp with driver pack. Whats your idea about this problem. ( I test with bashart driver pack method 1 I didn't have any problem it need large space and I don' like that)
  3. Thank you ,but I didn't want use SP2 in my cd beacause its it's incompatible with some hardwares and softwares
  4. hello I have same of this problem .but I have an idea , if we can integrate a winnt.sif file with an bootimage we can have more than one winnt.sif file in a mulitboot cd and we can have mor powerful installation cd.
  5. I did it it but when windows installed ,my windows had no background! I download royal theme from microsoft site . what I must do that to solve this problem.
  6. hello how can we have more than one winnt.sif for more unattended installation modes? or how can we integrated a winnt.sif file with an bootimage for having more than one winnt.sif file in multiboot cds. if we can do this we will have more powerful installation cd with different installation modes. hey guys you can use gosh method.
  7. hello Can we have more than one winnt.sif in our installation cd for having more installation style?
  8. hello how can Islipstreaming WMV 10 with win xp sp1 installation cd

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