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  1. If you got NLite and .NET Framework installed you can do the bootable CD without problems,another way to do this is with Nero 6.6 or about it. I got the same problem, but i get this error when i try to make a WinXPSP25 in 1 CD,if you want to help me i send you the version of nero cracked ,you just got to send this messaje for everyone you can,the point is "I want to make a collection of winxp with all actualizated archieves:WinXPSP2 Pro,Home,Pro Corp,and upgrades to any SO of microsoft". This proyect was done by Mr. Black that made a cd(700MB) with all xp and win 98 in languajes:Spanish,Portuguesse and English. Thanks for reading this,i'm sorry if my answer was not what you want.
  2. You know that wpa.dbl is not a way to re-activate windows because everytime you install windows, windows create a registry about the hradware you got and everytime that happens is an ID diferent. WPA just got the the registry of the first installation that was activated with a ID.
  3. Maybe you know that Mr. Black made a collection of SO Windows XP(profesional,profesional corporative,home edition) and win 98 but the languaje is only in spanish. Firtsly,I want to do a colection with winxp sp2 with actualizations following the unattended guide,and make a collection that can be done in one CD,thinking that every SO can be select 2 idioms:english ,spanish. Help me to do this proyect,i modified the iso file of this collection but it does`t start like the way it`s suposed tobe. Everyone who want a copy send a mail to nommensland@yahoo.com.mx with personal adress(real), Only if you want to suppeort the proyect. Please ,Help me to to a single CD with every SO winXP in 2 languajes.
  4. Hey,don´t you know there was a file named reset5 ? This is just an aplication that activate windows xp,i got it,send me an email and i´ll send you that. You can activate by thelephone,it´s the better way because everytime you format a machine,you just insert code of activation and activate, this is an adventaje of "cavernarium activation" Note: run it on safemode(F8 before OS be loaded) execute it and it´s all about,now you got a activated OS.
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