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  1. hehehe thanks a lot! I just launch a new slipstreaming! ****! I will cancel this one and re try with your advice. I will let you know. Thanks
  2. I deleted the file IE8.CAB long time ago (didn't work). It is strange that still appears in lastsession.ini file.
  3. here it is! thanks a lot Ultima_Sesi_n__205503.31_22.02.59_.ini
  4. Hi! I used nLite to slipstream a Windows XP SP2 (spanish), adding SP3 (spanish) and some hotfixes: es-msxml4-kb936181-esn.exe X86-all-windows-kb890830-v2.8.exe X86-all-windows-kb890830-v2.8-delta.exe kb898461-x86-esn.exe kb938464-x86-esn.exe kb946648-x86-esn.exe kb950762-x86-esn.exe kb950974-x86-esn.exe kb951066-x86-esn.exe kb951072-v2-x86-esn.exe kb951376-v2-x86-esn.exe kb951698-x86-esn.exe kb951748-x86-esn.exe kb951978-x86-esn.exe kb952287-x86-esn.exe kb952954-x86-esn.exe kb953838-x86-esn.exe kb953839-x86-esn.exe kb954459-x86-esn.exe kb954600-x86-esn.exe kb955069-x86-esn.exe kb955839-x86-esn.exe kb956802-x86-esn.exe kb956803-x86-esn.exe kb956841-x86-esn.exe kb957097-x86-esn.exe kb958644-x86-esn.exe kb958687-x86-esn.exe kb958690-x86-esn.exe kb960225-x86-esn.exe kb960715-x86-esn.exe kb967715-x86-esn.exe Windows installs fine, but when I try to launch Internet Explorer (version 6, I guess) an error message shows up: "Can't find iertutil.dll. Reinstalling the application may solve the problem" Any ideas how to solve this? Thanks in advance!
  5. great! I've patched the DLL (shown at the top of this post, 32 bit version) and also worked fine! Greetings
  6. Thanks a lot! There are some really cool and nice!
  7. mmm, sorry. I have no idea!
  8. no idea! what do you mean? the colour of the text-based installation or at the GUI part?
  9. Hi John! Yes, the german site is working (at least here) The direct link for the "WINNTBBU.DLL Mega Pack" is http://www.downloads.german-nlite.org/user...a-AddonPack.rar I've just downloaded, but all the text, messages and warnings are in german! The picture that I've posted above is from this modified version WINNTBBU.DLL (direct link): http://www.hardside.com.ar/files/winntbbu.dll.rar (i've just uploaded/hosted for you) In the RAR file I've included WINNTBBU.DLL and WINNTBBU.DL_ (cab compressed, just in case) This one is in spanish (just what I needed, but maybe I will change some texts/messages) It is possible to modifiy the content of this DLL using Resourse Hacker or some other tool to extract and repack system files. http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/ Good luck!
  10. Thanks a lot, g-force! I will check.
  11. oh, i figuerd out! you mean unattended 'page' (in nLite!) and I understood a web 'page': http://unattended.msfn.org/ Sorry! John, i've set a desktop theme totally different to the one included in XP. I install my nLited Windows and works perfect! This new desktop theme shows up as default But... during the GUI installation process I see the classic skin or theme
  12. Great! I can't found that page! Link?
  13. Thanks, John! But I mean installation themes, not desktop themes! Any ideas? Links? Cheers
  14. The fact is that I hate the look of the regular XP installation. Browsing the internet I found some nLited Windows distributions which has skins on its installation GUI. For example: How can I do something like this? Any ideas? Thanks!
  15. Johnhc, thanks a lot. Working under Windows XP everything worked! I hope this helps other users... Cheers!
  16. I've just tried again under Vista with nLite.exe in compatibility mode (XP SP2) and the same happens... The only difference is that before, the EULA text wasn't show properly (just three characters appears "ÿT$". Now the EULA shows the text properly. Anyway, thanks for your advice, I will try under Windows XP SP3 on my laptop and share my results. Bye
  17. Yes, I'm working under Windows Vista SP1... I will do the whole thing on my laptop (which has Windows XP SP3). Also, I will try the compatibility mode (Windows XP SP2) for the nLite exe. Thanks!
  18. Hi! I slipstreamed SP3 (spanish) on a Windows XP SP2 Spanish (retail). Everything works fine, but my installation is not really "unattended"... At the TXT part of the installation, I have to press "F8" to continue. This is not really disturbing, but it would be nice to avoid this step. The same happens in the GUI part of the installation (just before the 'Installing devices', at '37 minutes remaining') A popup window shows up with the EULA, and AGAIN I have to press OK, to agree and continue. The type of installation I choose in nLite is "Prompt for repair" and the option "Skip OOBE" is enabled. I've tried before "Full unattended" mode and the same happens. (last session.ini file is attached on this post) Some tip or trick to avoid this? Thanks in advance! Ultima_Sesi_n.ini
  19. hello, sorry for my reply on a very old post. Is there a way to fix this without re-nlite the XP source?? I mean, by editing the winnt.sif file or so... Thanks in advance! Cheers, Javier
  20. hi gape! i'm a boy who works repairing and maintaining computers and networks. and i'm from argentina, country where a lot of people still use windows98se, and we speak spanish... i have did a special version of total commander (titled 'total commander reloaded+) with a lot of plugins and improvements. also, i did a multiboot cd for myself (personal use) that have all (more than 100 items) boot utilities i need (os boot, partition managers, data recovery, hardware diagnostics, etc). all with graphical user interface! last year i saw your wonderfull idea about doing this SP for Win98SE, but I noticied that it is only avaliable in english. i've sent you an e-mail last year telling (and requesting to you) some minimal help, tips and tricks for developing the Spanish SP for Win98SE. But no answer given... Obviously i will credit you for your great idea and help in developing the spanish version (if any...) Please, think about the possibility of millions of people (who speak spanish in Spain and Latin-america) upgrading their full-of-bugs win98SE installing this pack! i promise i will only do some questions to get the thing working. thank you in advance! mail me / msn me at: sidefx88@hotmail.com thanks again javier

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