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  1. thanks, I just needed to know the steam reader and writer bit, that's all the problem was with my code. btw, do you know how you can connect a SQL database to vb.net?
  2. I also read about a small command you enter into DOS mode and type "ipconfig/release" press enter and then type in "ipconfig/renew" and again press enter. That was supposed to change the IP address, but it does not seem to work on my computer. Does anyone know any small commands/codes that can be used for this. Also, does changing the dns help with changing IP?
  3. You'll need to find a working proxy... approximately 1% of the proxies from proxylists actually work.Proxomitron only works with HTTP proxies, but its main use is as a "filter" to rewrite webpages in realtime (kill ads, popups, drive-by-downloads, etc.) - in fact I'm using it right now. I recommend Proxifier and a SOCKS proxy, in conjunction with Proxomitron. Here's a few thousand SOCKS proxies to try: http://nntime.com/socks How exactly do you use this program? I've been trying for a few hours now without any success in hiding or changing my IP.
  4. The program sounds very good. Do you have to download everything on that page for the program to work or will it work through just one file download?
  5. Does anyone here know what software you can use to make flash player programs?
  6. I think this may be done using winRAR itself; without resource Hacker, because on the newer versions of winRAR you can add pictures to the extraction dialog box.
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    don't know, but wheneva I want 2 speak to a technician around here they say their busy, so i don't know how 2 get em 2 listen.
  8. ehmod


    I usually use Internet on a network type computer. They've got some new websense, which restricts almost every posible web-site that exists, filtering from "educational and social" to "uncategorised". Does anyone know how to get passed this restriction?
  9. I think the motherboard's fine in detecting; as i set it to secondary master; there was no problem in the computer starting up; only when I unplugged it; the computer would not start up. So its not very likely to be that problem, as for the power and wattage; I'm planning on getting a computer with 64bit processor and better motherboard; which will take a better power supply unit as well. But that's long way from now. At the moment to keep my computer cool; I keep it open and stick a big room-stand-fan right next to it on top speed; for hours.
  10. I brought this new DVD RAM Drive, and attached it to the computer, but whenever the computer is switched on; this drive heats it up alot within about 5 mins, I'm not too sure what the problem could be. There's nothing wrong with the drive; as its been tested at the store whence I purchased it. The power compatibility seems fine except the the Data transmission cable (IDE) that came with it has got a high wattage written on it; I use another IDE cable though, because at first, I connected that cable to the HDD and that heated it up to a temperature just about the highest in which one can touch it in seconds. But now this drive is still creating problems; I've got a big room-fan infront of the PC to keep it cool and still it creates enough heat

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