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  1. The following server down for more than one weeks....??? <a href="http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=2">DriverPacks BASE 6.05 CP</a> <a href="http://forum.driverpacks.net/"> New Forum</a>
  2. Try to download tree times but on the half way download stop stop stop.....!!! The server really Bad Bad Bad-Man....!!! Need mirror. Thks
  3. @TAiN, thk's, extract already . but why the file extension *.ZIP instead of *.7Z For your future release please consider below codec to replace AC3Filter and DScaler MPEG Filer. - CyberLink DVD Filter CyberLink DVD Video/SP Filter File : CLNavX.ax, CLVSD.ax, CLLine21.ax - CyberLink AC3 Filter CyberLink Audio AC3 Filter File : claud.ax, - claud.sim - InterVideo DVD Filter InterVideo Video Filter This should only be installed if you do not plan to install any Cyberlink 3rd party application File : IVIVIDEO.ax - InterVideo AC3 Filter InterVideo Audio AC3 Filter This should only be installed if you do not plan to install any Cyberlink 3rd party application File : IViaudio.ax, IVInav.ax I get this codec from Cole2K.
  4. @TAiN, thk's for U Codec, but the ZIP file cannot extracted..? Pls adv...
  5. @Petr Recently, a friend just bought IBM usb fdd which was made by Teac and hoping it really IBM. However, Win XP (no driver needed) & 98SE (using the supplied drivers) recognized it as Mitsumi usb fdd. Attached is usb-fdd.zip (MTMFDVSD.INF + MTMUSBFD.INF) of IBM usb fdd which might interest u, especially MTMFDVSD.INF refers to "Port Driver". Those 2 files might be identical to ur Mitsumi usb fdd or pls pm for complete supplied drivers. HTH. usb_fdd.zip
  6. @buckeyeXP: Successfully shrinking the source of Office XP, but not for Office 2K. Just selected Office 2K: Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Tools & Documents, others removed by Office Shrinkler. Attached is the log file as u suggested, pls help to indentify where the mistakes might be. Thx. logfile.zip
  7. First posting no response or mightbe wrong thread? Or has any1 (nuhi perhaps?) an idea where to post this. When using nLite 1.0b6 to integrate the following files: - RVMUpdatePack1.3.1.cab - RVMAddonsWMP10_1.0.cab - RVMAddonsFull_1.0.cab got problem on first logon, looks like Windows XP not running user cmdlines.txt, useraccounts.cmd and autologon.reg (those files already in C:\XPCD\$OEM$\ folder) Looking into %windir%\profiles folder, seems that the %windir%\profiles\username folder not created as specified in useraccounts.cmd so that can not automatically logon, but still can logon manually by typing user name as an "administrator". ; useraccounts.cmd net user "xxxxxx" 123 /add net localgroup Administrators "xxxxxx" /add net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited REGEDIT /S autologon.reg EXIT ; autologon.reg [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "DefaultUserName"="xxxxxx" "DefaultPassword"="123" "AutoAdminLogon"="1" Last time using nLite 0.99.9 Beta with RVMUpdatePack 1.2 that problem not happened. Pls help if there's any wrong steps done in using nLite: - for removing Windows XP components - or using tweak-setting - or needs editing other file(s)? to solve that. Thx
  8. Anytime, Wijono. AFAIK, on Windows 98SE using drivers from USB Disk vendors: - when running Windows Explorer or double-clicking My Computer there'll be an icon "Removable Disk" then right-clicking it will open pop-down menu which lists i.e. "Eject" to remove USB Disk. (CMIIW) - the eject icon (if) appears mostly only once on the System Tray when plug-in USB Disk for the first time (CMIIW), if the USB Disk removed that icon gone. If replug-in USB Disk that icon won't re-appear (however, the USB Disk still working and have to use "Windows Explorer...Eject..." steps to remove USB Disk) unless re-booting. Since NUSB22 from M.Decim uses some of WinMe files: - the above function of "Eject" is replaced by the icon "Unplug or eject hardware" on the System Tray to remove USB Disk. Therefore the above steps (Windows Explorer...Eject...) seems inapplicable coz a pop-up menu will give a warning "Unsafe removal..." and suggesting to use the icon "Unplug or eject hardware" on the System Tray instead. - and that icon always appears each time re-plug USB Disk, no need rebooting. [Win Me/XP style. Dunno of Win2k, any1 knows pls info] PS: add 3 new lines in USBSTOR.INF, pls have a look into Readme.txt in the revised Readme.zip Hope this might help. Readme.ZIP
  9. Please attachment, hope it may answer Wijono & Shaddam. readme.zip
  10. This message to Wijono & Shaddam: "The total filespace required to upload all the attached files is greater than your per post or global limit. Please reduce the number of attachments or the size of the attachments." comes from MSFN.ORG That's the probem when tried to upload the files, pls direct email me.
  11. Hi, I was startled on Win98SE my USB 2.0 disk TwinMos (attached its drivers) can't be recognized by NUSB22. Therefore, I used winRAR to look at files in NUSB22.EXE and found that several files can be replaced by WinME files (attached also for your perusal). By replacing them and editing SUBSTOR.INF, then NUSB22 can recognize my TwinMos and it's working well now. I thought using WinME files will cover more USBs brand and might answers problems if faced by others. IMHO, better also provide NOVERCHECK.REG (this file from Tihiy's Revolutionary Pack and also stated by MDGx in his Killer Replacement WIN98SE2ME) if supposed to include these WinME files into NUSB next release. Hope this help. TwinMos.ZIP
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