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  1. Compatibility Tab and System Restore Small Fix Tool!

    Finally made it back, Yeah i couldnt restore it for some reason, basically removed too much other stuff and made a mess of it! legolash2o thx for you help on it! Was worth a shot and i learn t some more stuff! I reinstalled eventually and now can play BF2 again offtopic: i get mine down to 350mb and find that very acceptable. 600mb in use due to all the other stuff i run.
  2. Compatibility Tab and System Restore Small Fix Tool!

    Hehe Nope nothing what so ever with compatibility! Only found Application Information and re-did the previous steps, your app etc check wer.dll etc... no change. Catching up on Topgear eps so take your time
  3. Compatibility Tab and System Restore Small Fix Tool!

    wuugu buugu! Unfortunately aelupsvc.dll does not exist on my system! A bit later ? Of course! lol
  4. Compatibility Tab and System Restore Small Fix Tool!

    hehe okay. That Andrea came with PS CS3 master collection i think! Yep in the preset list i removed Application Experience. d0h ! Does this mean "re-install" ? or do you have a marvelous way of restoring it ? Last_Session.ini here it is.
  5. Compatibility Tab and System Restore Small Fix Tool!

    Yeah okay I got the list of presets, rather long though so rather ask if it's okay to copy paste into here ? I tried the new version, the text "Compatibility Tab System Restore" is grey but the "Fix" botton is black but will not react. Same with Inkball section. I did Advanced options -> Delete All then checked in system32 folder... both are gone. Closed your app and started again .. same as sentance above. Application Experience is not present in services.msc list. I do however have "Andrea ADI Filters Service (AEADIFilters)" there and read that it also has something to do with application experience. Stopped it and re-tried your app. Same deal. Ill post the list of presets if thats okay... on my next post! Thx for your imput!
  6. Compatibility Tab and System Restore Small Fix Tool!

    Thanks for the reply. Im not too sure on what you mean with a preset for when I used vlite. Do you mean a list or settings of exactly everything i removed? If so.. nope..! Yeah it was always on the shortcut before but i had also already tried from the original .exe (just in case another screenshot) Once i deleted the wer.dll from system32 folder... well you can see that the fix it option is still grey! If i copy and paste it back to system32 folder from the x86 folder of your app, still no changes and goes back to the same as the first screenshot i posted. Vlite is not installed atm either. Although you say no reboot needed etc I did reboot but no changes. Worth a shot Dont know if this is non-sense, but perhaps there might be a service NOT running that is needed for it ? To show the compatibility tab ?
  7. Compatibility Tab and System Restore Small Fix Tool!

    Hi, Well im here because i also removed error reporting and probably something else as well that causes the issue im having. BF2 used to work on the full install of vista only when "run in xp sp2 mode" was enabled under the Compatibility tab. Ive checked for everything else, gfx drivers, directx, patches etc they are all up to date. I followed the instructions as stated by legolash2o but in no way do i get the compatibility tab back. Attached is a screen shot as to how far i have got (or not). Ive searched for other topics etc about this but yeah ..zip. I'm not really in the mood to make another vlite vista (this one is 2 days old) and then do a reinstall so I'm hoping I've made a "stupid' mistake or overlooked something and that one of you can point me in the right direction ? Oh yeah, the component fixer straight away showed me that the wer.dll was already present, so i rebooted and rechecked... same deal, no "com tab". I then copied the one in the component fixer folder (yes the x86 one) into system32 folder, but that gave no changes. To date I only need the compatibility tab for BF2 as everything else i use runs fine on vista, so if there is some other way I'm also interested. Thx and am looking forward to any reply on this, p.s BF2 = Battlefield 2 (just in case)
  8. Im new

    and if i may say so a proper n00b... but im reading before i ask! Purpose of being here... umm make myself a windows the way i like it and just trying to learn sumthin... ciao