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  1. This is the ORIGINAL Microsoft Force Feedback Pro joystick, the giant grey monster that plugs into a game port, not the "2" version. I've found references to versions 3, 4 and 5 (supposedly 5 is also for XP), but download links to none or to dead pages at Microsoft. (WTH can't MS just leave this stuff on as unsupported legacy downloads?) It's extremely cool to grab the stick and feel it "come alive" and pull to the center- now if I just had the drivers so I could play games with it...
  2. a little more detailed info would be a help.
  3. Anyone who creates a hack to make Aero use a normal white text on dark color highlight in Explorer will have the adulation of a huge number of people. Just Google or Yahoo for vista aero highlight to find all the people complaining about the horrible thing and the inability to alter it to something they can actually see.
  4. Will it work OK to use vLite to slipstream SP1 to all versions on one DVD or should I just stick to one? I downloaded Vista from Digital River and have used the latest vLite to slipstream SP1 to Ultimate.
  5. Any progress on getting SP1 to install on an already customized Vista install? I've two systems that need SP1. I could nuke and pave mine, but the other one is my sister's and she complains majorly whenever she has to re-do everything after a nuke and pave. What might be the results of doing a custom vLite'd SP1 DVD and installing over the existing install?
  6. Nope, that registry entry is fine. Next?
  7. The *bleep* you say?! It is too correct! I've use the exact same download to install SP3 onto two other PCs and used it to slipstream a Home and Pro CD. It's only giving me this BS on (of course) the last XP Pro SP2 PC I have to update. (All were installed from SP2 Pro slipstreamed or Home with SP2 already on from OEMs.) I've searched yonder intarweb with Google and come up with nothing useful, just vague hints that there might be some process that has to be running, which isn't. (And of course every possible manglement of my search Google could come up with instead of EXACTLY SP3 "update.inf file is not correct".)
  8. Hello, Savas34! Another utility you may find useful is Autopatcher, from autopatcher.com. It's freeware. What it does is downloads updates from Microsoft and a few other freebies like Sun Java and Adobe Reader then integrates them into an offline installation which you can burn to a CD (or DVD if you download more than what'll fit on a CD). It supports 2000 SP4, XP (with SP2 or SP3) and Vista SP1 and Microsoft Office 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007. If you download *everything* it uses about half a DVD. Even if you do a fresh install from an SP3 slipstreamed CD, Autopatcher will still save you tons of time with IE7, Media Player 11, .Net and tons more stuff you'd have to download through Microsoft Update and other places scattered around the MS site and other places. I regularly update it and burn a new DVD-R to take with me on service calls, especially when the PC doesn't have broadband net access.
  9. Just downloaded oemscan, got a Gateway 310S H box to fix. Why are there GatewayA and GatewayC folders when there's just one folder for each of the other brands? I'm working on downloading all the Gateway files from oembios.net When I get them all, which should be extracted to which Gateway folder? (Would be a nice thing to have in the instructions.) How about grouping each brand's links together instead of scattering them all over the page?
  10. I needed to 'nuke and pave' a Gateway PC with XP Home*. There were no recovery discs and no recovery partition on the drive. So I used the magical jellybean keyfinder to get the OEM key (because I know the key on the COA would require activation), then formatted the drive. I got a factory-fresh SP2 Home OEM CD and slipstreamed SP3's RTM build. Install went fine and it accepted the original OEM key. But it's saying I have 30 days to activate. WTF? I've never seen that happen with an OEM version of XP Gold, SP1 or SP2 and a valid OEM key used on OEM hardware from the same company. Does SP3 try to make all versions of XP phone home? *It came with Home on it so I figured the easiest thing to do would be to put Home back on it to match the COA label on the box.
  11. How about flipping it around to Me298SE? Install Windows Me then replace the small number of files required...
  12. They come back next reboot. Reminds me of when those motherboard companies put Win 98SE detecting and auto-installing adware in the BIOS.
  13. A client just bought a new Gateway PC with Home Premium. Gateway "helpfully" stuck icons for AOL 9 and Netzero on te start menu. The icons can be deleted but they come back when the computer is restarted. NEITHER PROGRAM IS INSTALLED! They ARE NOT in the list in Programs and Features. I can't find anything with msconfig or in the Run keys in the registry for either one. How do I completely scrub this malware-like garbage off this computer? (Anyone replying with "Go to Programs and Features..." gets a free thwack with a #10 clue-by-four.)
  14. Once I tried deleting everything under c:\Boot except for the en-US folder and Fonts folder. I don't recall if I left the rest of the files under Boot or not. Whichever, after that, Vista wouldn't boot. WTF would it need all those folders and the files in them when this is an ENGLISH version of Vista? 12.7 megs of non-english folders and files- leaving the en-US folder and contents and the other files under Boot.
  15. I see some folks have whipped up easy-integration tools for SP1... might be an SP1 "shoehorn" app come along soon. When MS says something's not possible... just wait. My laptop only has an 80 gig drive, split into two partitions. With all the bloat I stripped out with vLite, SP1 is so far the only thing that won't install!
  16. Very nice. Gotta love how someone on the outside can whip up a program to do what MS claims isn't possible. Now how aboot something that shoehorns SP1 onto a vLite customized install so everyone who has a whole bunch of stuff installed etc won't have to start over from scratch just to get SP1 on their system? Something that slaps it upside the head when it wants to crap out on something missing- make it just ignore it and move on to the next bit.
  17. SP1 won't install on my laptop with Ultimate that's been customized with vLite, gives me error code 0x80070002 Has anyone managed to shoehorn SP1 onto a vLite modified Vista install? Or am I going to have to find an Anytime Upgrade DVD with SP1 already integrated and start over?
  18. I suppose it'll be simplest just to get an Anytime Upgrade DVD of the SP1 version.
  19. That's... hideously complicated. I'll wait for someone to figure out a way to slipstream SP1 without so much rigamarole. I only have one PC with Vista. I have one it *might* run on but I don't have spare drive space for it.
  20. The OEM license files used by each OEM are *identical* for all versions of Vista, at least for the 32bit versions. In other words, Acer's license file for a $400 laptop running Home Basic is the same as the file on a $1,200 desktop running Ultimate. What's different is the OEM key for each version of Vista. Some OEMs use a single key for each version, others have two or more. If you have two different PCs from the same OEM, running the same version of Vista, it's most likely they have exactly the same OEM key. The key on the label on the outside of your OEM PC is NOT the OEM key. It's easy to backup the OEM license file. Look for a folder under %systemroot% (which is usually c:\Windows ) named OEM. Copy that folder and contents somewhere else where it won't get deleted. Two more things you need (in addition to an Anytime Upgrade DVD) are the OEM key for the version of Vista you wish to install- for the OEM that made your PC, (in other words, if you have an Acer PC and Acer OEM license file, you can't use an OEM key from DELL), and a specific command-string for a script file that comes with Windows Vista. That reinstalls the OEM license file and completely de-activates the requirement to phone home to MS to activate Vista. (Good job, Microsoft! Include the h4x0ring tools to crack Vista's activation with Vista.) If you want OEM keys and that script command... STFI. P.S. Of course you should pay for any upgrade to Vista and only use this OEM thing to eliminate the inconvenience of Microsoft treating you like a parent who doesn't trust you with his teenage daughter.
  21. If you get an Anytime Upgrade DVD, it has ALL versions of Vista on it. There's a 32bit and a 64bit DVD. They're single layer disks. You may choose to install without a product key, but you will later need a key that is for the version you installed. If you want a single version custom install disk, use vLite with the Anytime Upgrade DVD. It's possible to strip it down enough to fit on a CD-R. If you have a computer with an OEM install of Vista, it's possible to "upgrade" to a better version while keeping it as a pre-activated OEM install. I won't elaborate further on that method. (It is handy to go from Home Basic to Ultimate with a paid upgrade, without the hassle of phoning home to MS to activate it.)
  22. I got this one figured out. I copied the Win98 folder from an original CD-ROM to one of my XP computers and had copied that same folder to hard drives before installing the drives in old computers. Apparently something went funky with that folder on the XP system- not enough to prevent 98SE from installing, but it'd make it screw up after installing NUSB. So I copied the win98 folder directly from the original CD-ROM to the PC with the "Cognac" motherboard, did a fresh install and no problems. I just installed NUSB 3.3 and still no problems. Next I'll go back to the Compaq Presario 5610 with a fresh-fresh, right off the original CD-ROM install and see if that one still has a problem with NUSB. That was the first time this had caused a problem for me. If it doesn't this time around, then I'll know when something happened to the 98SE install files, but not what. Looks like that needs to be added to the NUSB readme, "If you have any problems after installing NUSB, do a clean install from an original 98SE CD-ROM." I didn't suspect a problem with the install files because it had ALWAYS WORKED until that Compaq, and that didn't make me think it might be the install files because of the built in 1394 controller that can't be disabled in BIOS.
  23. For the first time since Windows 95, Microsoft released versions of Windows without built in FAX capability. Is there a way to port the FAX stuff from Vista Ultimate or Business to Home Basic and Home Premium?
  24. I've found another board that NUSB 3.3 DOES NOT WORK WITH. It's the TriGem/HP "Cognac" socket 370 micro ATX. This board has nothing 'funky' about it. It's an ordinary Intel 810 chipset, NO built in 1394 controller like the Compaq Presario 5610, which NUSB 3.3 doesn't work with either. Clean install of 98SE, all the hardware drivers, reboot, install NUSB 3.3, reboot and BLAM. Stick a fork in it, Windows is done. Won't even go into Safe Mode because Explorer.exe commits digital seppuku. Fortunately I made a copy of c:\Windows before installing NUSB 3.3 so I can just connect the drive to another PC and copy it all back. I have six other old boxen, all are going to get 98SE installed. They're all different boards and CPUs. It'll really be a PITA if some or all of them have this same problem. What'd be nice to have is a DOS bootable disk that can REPAIR a system that this blows up so people don't end up having to completely reinstall Windows. What'd be even better is if it worked instead of causing this problem. How about an installer option that asks if the computer has a floppy drive, then doesn't install the stuff to support USB floppy drives? Who is going to plug a USB floppy drive into a PC that has a normal one already?
  25. I'm still waiting for a fix that will make it play nicely with an integrated 1394 controller that can't be disabled. (Compaq Presario 5610)
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