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  1. how do i? > DiVX to Cd.

    sedative--> i need to split up commandos2 in 2 pieces so it can be on 2 cd's! I can do that with winrar to? How?
  2. free host

    if u know how to read danish u should try ht*p://www.friserverplads.dk its great and they support a lot! Though they only give u 10 mb space!!!
  3. Repair thing in xp

    Ok thx a lot!
  4. U know when u put the xp cd in youre cd drive, and u boot the computer u can chose to repair the xp installation, is that the same as reinstalling xp? So if u use the repair function, will u have to reinstall the most of the programs and games that u have to make em work? My Xp installation are starting to get sort of f***ed up, so maybe the repair-thing could make it work better? But i don't want to reinstall all my programs and games!
  5. mine works fine without havning made any tweaks... Check the picture! Sure it dosn't work on yours? [img:84823a56b7]http://home1.stofanet.dk/anders-en/billeder/3downloads.jpg[/img:84823a56b7]
  6. Microsoft internet keyboard driver

    That file doesn't work to! There must be a way to sollow the problem!
  7. Kazaa Problem

    **** its anoing
  8. Outlook Express 6

    Its not the auto check thing, but when i just press send-recieve! Its really anoyning!!!
  9. Kazaa Problem

    It works but are there not a other way to make it work?
  10. Kazaa Problem

    Ooh i find it. What are them files used for?
  11. Kazaa Problem

    Db folder ? Same as sharedfolder ?
  12. Kazaa Problem

    What themes? In xP?
  13. Outlook Express 6

    Ok, so its not a fault in xp?
  14. Kazaa Problem

    Every time i use Kazaa i get this message after 5 sec. ::: [img:68836a67d7]http://www.friserverplads.dk/geeks/diverse/Image1.jpg[/img:68836a67d7] Is there a way to fix that?