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  1. i get this error when trying to remove dvd maker

    Win Integrator Version=

    failed to load registry key

    --- EXCEPTION #1/1 [Win32Exception]

    Message = “failed to load registry key”

    ExceptionPath = Root

    NativeErrorCode = -2145452027

    ClassName = System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception

    HResult = -2147467259

    Source = stefanRTR.Base

    StackTraceString = “

    at SZ7a5ctv4NXeS77YHn.Xou3JvUnUgfQbNt8Lf.GqpcQgjrp(String )

    at stefanRTR.WimImage.SevenImage.78tgITEZRg1FR1ZlxM.Jnqc0l5ML()

    at stefanRTR.ErrorHandling.Catch(String comment, Action action)

  2. ok i do not know if this has been asked before but everytime i do a new vlite with a new version of vlite & i remove internet explorer it still shows up in windows update

    with the following update Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista (KB939653)

    anyway to remove this update from showing & yes i used vlite 1.1 beta 2 & it shows up

  3. i have the same problem as snapshot they refuse to delete or be fixed in ccleaner & when i try to delete the reg key in regedit it refuses to delete

    im using vista 32bit business

  4. after creating my new vlited vista business i can pretty much say it is safe to remove ie7 & ie core

    i have not run into any problems with any of the programs i use , foobar , americas army , exact audio copy , o&o defrag , winrar , paint.net , ccleaner

  5. cool nuhi can't wait hope you have made a few new features that can be removed

    just a off topic question if i remove windows upgrade since i dont plan on upgrading to a higher version of vista im happy with business will i be able to still use windows experience ? you know your computers score based on hardware

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