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  1. Hobbyist with attitude

    Hey, here's an idea... put the download back up, when someone clicks to download, it goes to a EULA page, the same as the software extraction, and they have to do the same thing to get the file to download as they do to get it to extract. Then just ignore all posts about not being able to download... At least that way, the people who are plagued with ID10T errors can be pointedly ignored, while the people who actually make an attempt to use the brain they were born with can still get the software and not have to suffer for the ignorance of the rest of 'puter users. Actually I blame it all on Microsoft... Back in the day, people had to actually ::gasp:: learn how to use a computer in order to do anything worthwhile... Then MS and major software developers decided it was a grand idea to make computers easier to use... wow, what a pandora's box. They dumbed computers down so people could use them (and more people would use them, and the corporations would make more money), which only served to take away the incentive to LEARN how to use a computer. This set the precedent. Now that the stupid people could use computers for basic tasks without having to become intelligent and learn, they wanted more. They wanted to be able to do more advanced things without having to learn. Unfortunately, in their infinite greed, the companies gave the masses their wish, and dumbed things down even more. Which took away even more incentive to use the brain and learn. On and on and on. In today's lazy society, if you don't give people an incentive to learn or force them to, they won't. It's an endless downward spiral that is only enhancing the problem of human stupidity.