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  1. I'd say that'll be all I can think off. --Grant edit:// try and do a guide to install the ATi Driver and Cpanel package unattended style (The all in one package setup)
  2. That'll do the trick. Thanks guy's works perfect. --Grant
  3. I tried doing this using some CMD Lines during unattended install. This is what I put. CLS @ECHO OFF ECHO Copying additional Files and Folders to Desktop... COPY "%systemdrive%\Desktop\Files\" "%PROFILESDIR%\All Users\Desktop\" /Y ECHO Please wait... ECHO. ECHO. ECHO Additional Files and Folders Installed Successfully... ECHO Exiting... ECHO. ECHO. ECHO DEBUG MODE. PAUSE And it doesn't work This is what it says...
  4. I understand how to do that, But I want it to copy itself when an account is made, or better still like in a 'All Users' Folder... --Grant
  5. ...I go about doing this. I want to make it so that windows copies a folder to the desktop of every user The folder contains a few files and things. Can anyone help Cheers, --Grant EDIT: How do I make it copy the folder to the desktop. And not just the files?
  6. Thanks, I think I'll be *cough* getting it *cough*
  7. Thank you. BTW It's a good tip to remove the files in DLLCACHE as for many obvious reasons, as well as it removes a hell of alot of space
  8. I want to delete the DLLCACHE files inside, but I don't want to delete the folder. How can I do this in my batch command. Can anyone give me a bit of code for it please Grant.

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