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  1. Nope, I use it...but only on linux.

    Update - Misunderstood the problem, now should be what you want.

    I think you'll need to create a script to handle all this. Using your administrative install, your script would be something like this:

    RunWait(msiexec /i "apache2.msi")

    RunWait(httpd -k install "servicename")

    RunWait(httpd -k start)

    That is using the AutoIt syntax, but almost all scripting languages have the RunWait function. You wouldn't want to install the service until after it's installed, so that's why it's important.

    "servicename" should become the simple name that the service is called in windows. You can leave that option out to accept the defaults.

    I pulled most of this info from the apache documentation:


    I tried that before , but after entering windows it will not start

  2. Hi, All

    Could you please help, I am trying to install the below from a cmd file, but they will not install....

    Have just copied the one that do not install...

    ECHO Installing KB887998...

    REM - ASP.NET Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3 on Tablet PC/Media Center


    start /wait KB887998.exe /q

    ECHO Done!


    ECHO Installing KB886903...

    REM - ASP.NET Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1


    start /wait KB886903.exe /q

    ECHO Done!


    ECHO Installing KB829019...

    REM - NET framework 2.0


    start /wait dotnet.exe /Q /C:"install.exe /Q"

    ECHO Done!


    ECHO Installing KB917283...

    REM - A vulnerability in ASP.NET could allow information disclosure


    start /wait KB917283.exe /q

    ECHO Done!


    Try /quiet /norestart instead of /q

  3. If you only want the license to be copied (and not all the settings):

    1. install it on your own machine;

    2. enter in your own license;

    3. copy %programfiles%\serv-u\ServUDaemon.ini to your unattended setup;

    4. add a line that copies this file to the installation directory after silent installation;

    5. don't forget to kill ServUAdmin.exe after installation, it pops up.


    if you want the wizard to popup the next time you run serv-u, make a file named "ServUAdmin.ini" which contains the following:


    copy this file together with ServUDaemon.ini to the destination directory after installing serv-u silent


    i'm sorry for digging up such an old thread :P

    Doesnt work with Serv-U FTP Server v6.1.0.4.Corporate

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